Saturday, 20 September 2014

462 - '6MMRPC' #4 - No Hobby Space But I'm Almost There...

Astonishingly - despite the Week From Hell at work - I sat down and finished off all the main painting for the last platoon of my Flames of War rifle company:
[And this is AFTER scraping off all of the crap that the other three humans in this tiny cottage had contrived to lump on top of what is supposed to be my work desk. Sheesh.]
Just washing, varnishing and grassing to go, then - yay!

Still not buying anything = win;
Forcing myself to make time to paint = win.

'Til next time,

- D.


  1. Win all round Drax!

    The missus found me perched on the edge of the bath painting the other night as we'd had a mess explosion everywhere else.

  2. An admirable level of discipline! Keep up the good work :-)

  3. There seems to be a direct correlation with the size of the models being painted and the size of the remaining workspace.

    Will we all be eventually painting at 5mm scale on a tiny paper plate worth of space? :)

    1. This actually made me guffaw aloud, which forced me to explain it to my wife!

      Here's to the 5mm hobby, eh?


  4. You need to be supplying arms to others...

  5. Good work! PBI look very well painted from here!

    1. Cheers, mate.

      They'll be nothing special, and many of the minis lack definition, but it's interesting to note that 3Pl will be discernably better than 2Pl, and waaaaaay better than 1Pl, my first ever FoW effort!

  6. Looking good, I also struggle with others, and other things piling up on my workspace.


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