Tuesday, 2 September 2014

458 - Nork Deddog...as you've never seen him before!


Karitas, over at Excommunicatus Traitoris [link] has made good on his promise to paint up a character figure of my choice, after I won a prize on his blog...and boy, did he do a blinding job on it! I am sooooooo chuffed with this model!

The pics he took speak for themselves...:

It's my conversion of Nork Deddog from a very old Ogryn model that I did years ago (based on that story from the old Codex where Nork salutes with the wrong hand after dragging his officer from a urning Chimera). Here's the parlous state the model was in when I sent it off to Karitas:
I was utterly baffled by how I ought to paint his face, and I ran out of ideas for convincing ways to vary my limited palette, but of course, karitas rescued these things AND added a magnetised 'Cadian 24th' banner as well, as this seemed to be a feature of the original model. What a genius.

I can take no credit for this at all, but please show your appreciation for Karitas's awesome paint job!

- Drax;
grinning broadly.


  1. Very glad he meets with your approval sir. was such good fun to paint all the lovely sharp detail. makes the newer ogryn models look like badly cast children's toys.

  2. Skin looks really nice. What a cool looking model. Lucky sod. ;)

    1. Yup: I love how Karitas has managed to paint variety onto what to me was just a broad, flat area.

  3. Absolutely awesome! Nork has long been my favorite IG character, and that is a fantastic rendition using a great old-school model!

  4. When this post popped up I thought "oh Drax has modelled himself again" ...Just kidding!!
    Karitas, what a paint job! Far out it is stunning!
    And saluting with the wrong hand is brilliant Drax.

    1. Oh ha, ha, ha!

      [I wish I were that 'built'!]

      Cheers, Ackland...


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