Friday, 16 January 2015

482 - "Hang on a minute lads - I've got a great idea..."

I've had what I think is a good hobbying idea.
That's right: from the mind that brought you 'Drax's Painting Charts', I now present 'Drax's Hobby Purchase Priority Matrix'.

Okay, so the name might take some work, but I think this is a goer. Please have a look, mull it over, and - if you like the idea - use it, adapt it, improve it and spread the word!

I got the idea from a health and safety audit I had to help with at my daughter's pre-school: Put simply, you rate the cost of a hobby purchase and how much you 'need' it, then multiply the two in order to generate a priority. It's a real eye-opener!

Here's a typed-up version of what mine looks like:

...and you simply multiply the two values!

Some examples:

  • I consider the command miniatures an 'essential' for my nascent Bolt Action force (1) and they cost under a tenner (1). 1x1=1, so naturally this means that if I get any spendable cash(!) this will be priority 1 at the top of my 'to buy' list.
  • I'd also quite like the quintessentially British Vickers MG team. It's less essential, but still cheap: 2x1=2 - slightly lower priority.
  • I'll need some heavier Bolt Action-y firepower too, and I have my eyes on the surprisingly cheap Cromwell tank. 2x2=4. Bingo! I can see where it stands on the shortlist!
  • SAGA rulebook: 3x2=6;
  • SAGA starter force: 3x3=9.
...And honestly, that's about it!

Simple stuff, yes, but it's been a real eye-opener for me!

I know it's not a perfect idea, but do please let me know any thoughts you might have, including for a more catchy name (even if only for my own titillation).  


- Drax.

PS: I've actually been painting, too: the moonbase [link], after your excellent tips!


  1. Really Like the Matrix. Might have to give this a go. I would like to adapt this to formulate a painting schedule aswell, changing the miniature price, with an estimated amount of hours to complete a project.

    1. That's a astoundingly good idea, AJ - thanks!

  2. Nice one, I like this idea a lot. I try to make similar decisions without the formula, but it's great to be able to put some definite numbers on it. I think we could all benefit from a bit more cost/benefit analysis!

    1. Well, the idea is that it makes me think more about purchasing within my means more, rather than just fixating on shiny things!

  3. I'm too tired to math right now lol. That being said, a priority list is a great idea...but couldn't you just do a numbered list going off of how you wrote down the examples?

    1. I could indeed mate, but the trouble is that I end up with a huge sprawling list which I'm then unable to narrow down!
      Besides, it gives me something to think about when I've no time for actual lobbying!

  4. I was wondering what to prioritise in my wish list for my birthday... I may try this!

  5. Interesting idea. Is it based on the "likeliness of event" x "quantity of impact" for measuring risk?

    1. Yup (although the 'maths' behind it took some very patient explanation for one of the playleaders...or 'keepers' as y eldest called them).

      I'm actually finding it rather useful at the mo'.

  6. Hrm, interesting concept.

    I am sticking to "I have enough unpainted shit already" though right now. :P

  7. What a good idea... as a few others have noted, as someone cursed with doing risk assessments at work from time to time the concept is familiar, just very interesting to see it applied to wargames!


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