Sunday 6 December 2015

536 - 6MMRPC 2015 is finished! Aaaaaand...

...I think we'll call it a very modest success. Let's summate:
General Aims:

1) Paint stuff wot needs to be painted;
2) Don't buy more stuff wot needs to be painted.

1) In SIX MONTHS, I painted (and finished) the following:
  • five Flames of War Comet tanks...for someone else (a charity auction) - link here: [link]
  • nine 40k Orks...ditto for Da Masta Cheef (a blog prize!) - see 'previous' post (#535)
  • twenty-five 2nd Ed 40k 'beret-style' stormtroopers/militarum tempestus for the 'Last Hurrah' of my 40k hobby time (pic below), and
  • half an aegis defence line.
That's literally all I've finished painting in six whole months (with some base coat slapped on my AEC MkIII en passant too)... but at least...

...2) I bought NOTHING that needs to be painted. Woo-hoo!

To qualify this, things I have actually bought over the timespan of the challenge include the following:
  • the excellent 'Chain of Command' rules, by Too Fat Lardies,
  • Bolt Action's 'Battleground Europe' supplement,
  • For my beloved X-Wing, the original starter set, the 'Most Wanted' set, a B-Wing and a Hwk-290 (none of which - as someone helpfully pointed out, increase my painting mountain),
  • Some more Bolt Action order dice and small gaming dice.
NB: I also won a rather spiffing box of Bolt Action Soviet Naval Infantry, but - being neither a purchase nor intended for my usage - they don't count.

So yes: that's where we are. I've saved a crapload of money and painted some stuff. 


"What's next then, Chris?" I hear you cry.

Well, I've uncharacteristically entered a friendly* Bolt Action tournament for February...and bafflingly I also volunteered to put together a themed 6x4 table (something I've NEVER done before at 24 years of the hobby!) so I have a to-do list for February:
  • Paint 3 Section (already underway)
  • Paint 2" Mortar Team (already underway)
  • Paint OC's runner and acouple of extra Toms with SMGs (already underway)
  • Finish painting my AEC MkIII
  • Maybe repaint the markings on my Cromwell (this is so not a priority!)
  • And...
  • Execute and paint my submitted designs for a themed 6x4 playing table.
  • Bugger.
It'd also be nice to get a couple more practice games in.

After that it's my usual pipe-dreams: (1) build and paint a Desert Rats light tank company for Flames of War, (2) make a 15mm version of my Bolt Action Army and (3) take over the world.

But now?

- Bed time. 

Thanks, everyone 

   for swinging by and supporting me in my efforts, and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping abreast of your efforts quite as well as I might have. Often I did actually read your posts, but on my mobile, and commenting on that infernal device is a bit of an arcane art...

- Drax.

* Favourite rule from the tourney pack? - "Don't be a cock".


  1. Well done Drax - and good luck! ;)

  2. Good job on the not purchasing :-D.

    May I add a goal-play another game for the firestorm caen campaign... :-)

    1. I solemnly promise to do my best: thanks for the encouragement, mate!

  3. Luckily you've recently had some...uh 'practice' in painting Dezert Rats...


    1. Oh, and even if all of your cadians go the way of ebay, I hope you hang onto those stormtroopers and a favorite tank or two. That way you can still play a game when the urge hits ya.

    2. Yes, I was happy to expand my modest range of paints.

      As for the Cadians? Humph. I watched a game of 40K the other day and understood so little of it that I just can't see that happening.

      Besides, if I ever do feel any strange grimdark urges, well I've only to drag my sorry arse to Bicester and Zzzzzz has literally whole regiments for me to choose from...!

  4. I am hanging out to see that Desert Rats light tank company.
    - living vicariously through your FOW and Bolt Action posts!

    1. Thanks, mate.

      Ach! It's been too long since I got to play Flames...

  5. Nice one mate, no idea how you managed to barely purchase a bloody thing during these months. I need to be retrained in this regard.

    I recently based a whole 15mm british infantry platoon on pennies for CoC, but I guess could be used for BA as well.

    No idea why the TO'see wouldn't want people being roosters, that one from Family Guy is hilarious.

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