Friday, 20 February 2009

092 The Sign of IV: Leman Russes Galore

Stop! Apply safety catches.

Before you lot get too excited over the new 'Codex: IG' rumours, I'm posting about my existing Leman Russes, from the IVth Cadian Armoured Regiment.

In my last post, I introduced you to my original 2nd Edition Leman Russ MBT, Quietus, and here she is with three of her six sister tanks (details below):
Firstly we have Quietus - an MBT with a history. Note that, like two of the other old ones, she has a chin-mounted heavy flamer. No rules, per se - I just liked the look of this as a no-brainer defensive weapon. More pics of her can be found on the last post:
Next, my other MBT, Purple Haze. I'm not very happy with the name, but I'm a little more loose with the naming of my Russes than with my other vehicles - they're all more individual - and the crew (originally GW Exterminator crew) reminded me of the film Apocalypse Now, appropriately enough. Kate painted them, and the other guy's knocking around somewhere or other:
The older of my two Exterminators is named Resurgam, after the beautiful line in Bronte's Jane Eyre. The name is because this one (in its original MBT state) was my brother's counterpart to my original Leman Russ. He's responsible for the original yellow and red details and the lack of driver's window(!), but I have to take responsibility for the bright yellow trim on the turret flash; the iron crosses too. The hull is the model's own; turret from Forge World:
When I rescued and painted this tank she was intended to be a commissar's vehicle (as per FW armoured company rules) - the idea being that the increased BS (4) would be of more benefit with the Exterminator's armament. Besides, I can't really imagine a commissar enjoying the prospect of sharing a turret with a sweaty grunt lugging whopping great battle cannon shells around. She has a P-M heavy stubber too, but I forgot it for the photos.

The last one here is another Exterminator, Sirius. The canine link actually belongs to Resurgam, as when I rescued her from my brother's old junk she had apparently been used as a teething toy by my dad's (then) puppy, Kitty. However, I couldn't let a great name like 'Sirius' go to waste, and as I'd already named my hellhounds I figured it'd be good for this Exterminator which was also designated the command tank (again, after the FW rules) - hence the chevrons (look in the fourth group shot above) and ill-advised clutter on the turret flash. Hey - I'm learning. I quite like the half-aquila on the hull bolter though...:
I only finished Sirius yesterday, so that's another 20 painting points - hooray! Sadly, we're trying to sort out a belated honeymoon at the moment, so it looks like my accumulated pounds from painting points will remain...err...theoretical. Bugger.

My next post will be a brief discussion of the camo patterns on my Russes. Exciting, huh? Oh, and if you were wondering, the other two of my current Russes are converted Annihilators. I love those tanks.

Thanks for swinging by,

- Drax.


  1. lookin good. The Leman Russ is one of the things I love about Guard.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a variety of tanks. Noone will be able to match the numbers and variety of Metal Beasts we'll be able to put out.

    How about that "leaked" French reference sheet? I'm looking forward to dusting off and finishing my Exterminator.

    oh, and I'm going to download Vassal40K and try to set it up soon. When Chambers and I get it going, I'd love to set up an across the pond battle with you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics, those are some nice looking tanks!

    Yes, new Guard will have lots of 'tanky' goodness. I don't speak or read "Cheese-Eating-Surrender-Monkey", but even I can make out from my copy of the leak that the Guard are going to be spoiled for tanks!

  3. Thanks, mate!

    I'm a little skeptical about some of the new types; likewise about the uber-long range weapons that have appeared, but yeah, it's a good time to be a Guard player!

    I hope you'll enjoy Vassal - be warned though: it can take quite a bit longer than a real game, especially at first.

    I'd love to play you if we can arrange it - I'm used to UK/Chicago time difference (with the in-laws) but doesn't Indiana do something different with time zones?

    Let me know nearer the time if you can...


    - Drax.

  4. Thanks for bringing us more pictures Drax - keep it up!

    I admit that I've always had a crush on the Leman Russ Exterminator.....

    BUT I'm very excited too about the idea of you sharing your converted Annihilators with us!

  5. An iron cross backed by a French flag...the irony is killing me. ;) The tanks look good, mate. I'm sure the new Codex will have a few surprises in store for those foolish enough to ignore that kind of armor!

  6. Cheers.

    Annihilators coming soon-ish.

    @ Wanderer: Originally, the colour flash was taken from the tail flash of WWII RAF planes - like many of my generation I grew up making dozens of model spitfires, hurricanes and the like.

    The homage, therefore, is to the RAF roundel, rather than the Tricolor, but of course the irony is still not wasted!

    (The chevrons on the other Exterminator are also from a Luftwaffe kit!)

    - Drax.


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