Monday 20 July 2009

137 Veterans First Squad FINISHED!


So without further ado; with poor lighting and dubious, untrained photo-manipulation done on MS Paint, here is my version of G/Sgt Harker's Hardened Veterans Squad:
Notes on the painting comes below, but if you look (and if it'll show in the pics) there are some nice little details on some of the models - mostly courtesy of FW bits.

They're armed as follows:

Harker has his wargear including his heavy bolter, Payback; the three special weapons are a grenade launcher, a melta gun and a heavy flamer; there's a heavy weapons team with a missile launcher, and one chap has a demo charge, as per the 'Demolitions' upgrade. There's also a bloke with a voxcaster. I know it's a weird combination of weapons but I like the way it looks.*

Harker - I enjoyed cobbling together his backpack. God knows why some pics went blue:
Heavy Flamer - also fun to convert:
Grenade Launcher - one of my original vets:
Melta Gun - from the FW Cadian HQ pack. I don't like his pose, his face or the way his heraldry came out. I might redo the latter:
Missle Launcher and 'Loader' - I love this ol' model, with his sawn-off missile launcher - though I'd do it better nowadays. The other chap's nothing special:
Demo Charge - I've recently realised it's upside down...but I think I prefer it this way up. It'd probably be way too heavy to sling from your webbing at the side like that for long! You'll note his camo cloak's a different colour. What's that? - Troops improperly equipped? Surely not...:
Voxcaster - this is a no-brainer:
Two(!) normal guys with shotguns:

Anyone who read my last post will have realised that the 'dusty' look on them is because my damned varnish frosted - it's particularly obvious on some of the camouflaged cloth. Thanks for all your support/condolences/suggestions! I tarried for a long time over the shoulder pads, and eventually settled for biscuit on green with XXIV on the left (in lieu of the normal troopers' numerical '24') and (deliberately) very basic heraldry on the right. The more basic the division of the field, the longer I've had the model (or the more I like it!).

I couldn't decide with Harker's right, but having painted something out, I really enjoyed the sinister look of the black pad. Harker's left pad is the same as my (recently improved) 'self-build' - a pretty obscure non-substantive rank insignia in the British Army, but one which is dear to me, and good fun to paint.
Thanks all, and thanks for your patience.

- Drax.

*For those of you wondering, my other veteran models - including that converted sniper - are still in progress (although I'm fed up to the back teeth with 'em at the moment!).


  1. I should point out - though it shames me - that even with the frosting these models look better in the flesh.

  2. Very nice! I love the Veteran Squad option in the IG codex - the fluff behind them lends itself to so much creativity of which you've amply demonstrated with this tough looking lot. Excellent camo pattern, as usual.

  3. They're looking great! I love the heraldry for Harker (what rank is that for, by the way?), and the backpack looks ridiculously complicated.

    I think the best part of the squad is the very surprised and somewhat fearful look on the missile launcher's loader - a "$^%$%, we've got to kill THAT?!" kind of look...

    Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Hey Drax, conversions look great! I'd love to say I could show you my Harker conversion - but the little buggers gone off on a solo mission! Hey hum...

  5. Awesome looking squad. I like the way you've done the heavy weapon team so you can put them on a larger base if yoou want to. Makes me want to start a Vet. squad.

    Can't wait to see what you do next.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  6. These are some of your best work mate, very nice indeed. There is nothing I don't like about them, even the basing is fantastic. There's something I like about big chunks of rubble that oozes battle.

  7. Nothing that hasn't already been said, but great work on a well converted squad!

  8. What can I say. They look brilliant, though the big base does scream for more detail!

    I like that Harker of yours. Have you seen the preview of the upcoming mini? I think I like your vision a bit more.

    Only thing is strange mixed loudout of the squad. ;) Oh and I never thought of using the "roll" on FW backpacks as camo cloaks, that's a really good idea!

  9. Thanks, All.

    @ Itkovian: Yeah - I enjoy the kind of pained expression on the chap with the missile, too - like he's bored of lugging the thing around.

    The insignia is adapted slightly, but the appointment is that of 'Under Officer'. It's the rank I held before getting my commission, and its bestowment (in my final parade before going to Sandhurst) really meant something to me.

    @ Hal'jin: Yeah - using the rolls was a late-night inspiration (although Harker's squad get 'Stealth' regardless of camo cloaks, really)...but you're right about the load-out. Let's face it, they're going to die, but if I get a first turn shoot with some nice targets, they ought to fall hard.

    It actually all makes infinitely more sense without the missile launcher, as they're geared towards short-range fire and - if needed - assault, but (a) I really like the model; (b) I wanted to try out the extra base, and (c) I didn't have another shotgun!

    And yes, you're right: that big base does need more detail. I'll have a think, though it's not a priority at the moment. Hmm...

    Oh, and what's next? Who knows. I'm thinking of a 5-man old-style stormtrooper squad, just for a change from the green!

    - Drax.

  10. drax, they look brill. i cant wait to get mine done!!


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