Friday 10 September 2010

226 Combat Patrol Reflections

Hi, All.
Just a short post to outline my Combat Patrol force for my recent tourney and share a few thoughts - I always make notes after each game.

Combat Patrol 400pts (fluffy):

Pl HQ w. 3 grenade launchers (45)
1 Sect w. plasma gun (65)
2 Sect w. melta gun (60)
3 Sect w. grenade launcher (55)
Heavy Wpn Sect w. 3 autocannon (75)
Spec. Wpn Sect w. 3 grenade launchers (50)
Spec. Wpn Sect w. 2 grenade launchers; 1 flamer (50)

Post-Tournament Notes:

  • great missions; great variety of terrain, too!
  • two particularly great opponents (Andy and Jay)
  • in each game - very unusually for me - I used combined squads (2 squads in one game; all 3 in the others!). I think I did this (a) for speed and convenience; (b) for survivability; (c) to intimidate, and (d) to maximise firepower (FRFSRF Vs Blood Angels = carnage)
  • the autocannon were necessary, but pretty rubbish throughout
  • the list was (predictably) rubbish against mechanised Imperial Guard - no surprises there; I need more anti-tank.
  • grenade launchers kill marines (I love grenade launchers)
  • a hedge of bayonets kills chaplains:
(although he weathered seven wounding hits with only one wound remaining!)
  • Space Marine scouts are BS3 (grrrr!)
  • cheap special weapons squads make excellent screening troops
  • mortars (which I also love) really can make a difference: even one in a small game!
  • I really need a tray to carry and organise my forces when gaming.

Cheers, all,

- Drax.


  1. Great observations. Sounds like fun all around... and in a pub. I'm still jealous.

  2. Those Brits are crazy, aren't they?

    A Combat Patrol league started here a while ago and I'm taking part this month. Quite fun, although I was unable to create a convincing Guard list, so I took the puppies..

    Why do you growl at the SM Scouts though?

  3. Because my opponent for one game (a little slapdash with the rules) thought they were BS4 and made a few lucky hits.

  4. You're playing far too often these days.

  5. I've been punked by 'upgraded' SM Scouts as well ... grrrr! Nice to see you gaming so much fella. Your list definitely needs some lascannon love in there, or maybe a Vendetta to even the odds.

    Mortars en masse are devastating and have the added bonus of really annoying your opponent.


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