Sunday 21 November 2010

236 "She Rides!"


Not much to report, hobby-wise, as Swiss Family Drax have all been ill with man-flu of late. Still, there are two things of note.

Firstly, I finially have a new car! This isn't it, but it's one very much like mine:
"Why is this good?" I hear you ask - well, far more importantly than finally being able to transport my wife and child around again, I can get back to gaming regularly at my local club again! Plus, it means I don't need to spend a bloody fortune on the bus journey home from work any more.

BUT in bad news, I was very sorry to see a bit of 'blog-rage' over the past week. I won't say where, but I know many of you may have noted it. In the two-and-a-half years I've been blogging this is the first example of nastiness I've seen - in the form of a rather aggressively worded and personal comment, which was subsequently deleted. I felt sorry for the original blogger concerned, but sorrier still that the scourge of many forums (and the main reason I tend not to frequent such) had finally made the leap to a gaming blog other than BoLS (BoLS being, as it is, some weird sort of blog-forum hybrid).


Thanks for being a great, kind and decent readership, by the way. I think I may just post on this topic over the course of the coming week...

- Chris.
PS: I have a huge respect for the guys over at BoLS, but if any of you have ever wondered why I'm not affiliated to their excellent site, well I suspect that might form a part of my post later on this week...


  1. The title, by the way, is a nod to Lister playing pool with planets in 'Red Dwarf'.

  2. Congrats on a new car. I know from personal experience that no car is no fun.

  3. D'oh! - Yeah, sorry about that. A tad insensitive, given your position. Sorry.

    Just noted that you're in Urbana - my inlaws are all in the Chicago area, and it's always good to note bloggers nearby.

    We celebrate thanksgiving in isolation over here in Blighty!

  4. Great news on the car front! Sorry to hear that drama has invaded your blog-hobby. I'm afraid I'm quite out of the loop as I've not had much time to even lurk my usual blogs.

    PS: Don't forget to email me back.

  5. When I saw the title of your latest pop up on my blogroll, I clicked over expecting another tank conversion :) Congrats on the new ride! Enjoy that intoxicating new car smell.

  6. Congrats on the new car mate, good to hear the Drax's are mobile again.

    On the bad news, well, the blogoshere couldn't stay the nice place it's been for ever.

  7. Village life is a double edged sword... after spending my teenage years car-less in a village ... I feel your pain! I missed this rudeness... stand firm against the plague of blogosphere blasphemy and delete the bloody buggers.

    Give 'em one in the eye from me!

  8. Thanks, dudes.

    > #2501 - I wish it was new! it's fourth-hand, I think (an 'R'-reg, for those in the UK), but it works, so that's alright with me!

    - D.


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