Saturday, 1 January 2011

243 Painting Across the Pond - Drax Edition Pt I

Happy New Year, All!

...And what better way to kick off 2011 than with a fun new project?

After some email exchanges last year knocking some ideas about, The Inner Geek and I have decided to swap and paint a couple of each other's minis.

The Concept

Essentially, he won a competition of mine whereby I offered to paint up an unloved and unpainted miniature, and being the generous chap he is, he also offered to paint up a mini for me in exchange: how lovely!

The Mini

Anyway, here's what the Geek sent to England-land for me to paint up for him:
An Ogryn! (more importantly, one of the new, cool-looking ogryns)...but wait, there's more, for in his kindness he also sent me a gift to join the ranks of my own forces:
A female IG model (Guardswoman?)! Awesome! What makes her even better is the following: (1) it's a good cast; (2) she's not all breasty, scantily-clad and 'high' fantasy, and (3) she looks [point 2 notwithstanding] not unlike Mrs Drax...but in flak armour. Awesome. Sorry about the ropey pics.

Painting Plans

Hmmm...I'm looking forward to both of these for different reasons. With the Ogryn I'm looking forward to the challenge of painting him - not least because I've been meaning to work on shading some skin tones. I'd love to give his armour the look of having been fashioned from vehicle armour plates, so I'm starting to thing about ways to do that.

With The Girl, how I model her will depend on just what I want to do with her. For a couple of years now I've been meaning to base (sorry, Ron!) the Regimental Mascot, and as he is essentially hers in real life, I might just put them together...maybe they can make some sort of objective marker too, when needed, but the trouble is I'm unsure about the lasgun. I can't envision anything too twee like her throwing a ball for him, but if I use her in this role, then she'll need something other than the lasgun, I think. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Anyhow, make sure you check out The Inner Geek's first project entry - I've sent him a corker of a miniature secure in the knowledge that it's in very safe painting hands!

Thanks for reading, do please weigh in with any thoughts or encouragement, and here's to a successful 2011!

- Drax.


  1. There is a Cadian arm throwing a grenade. Might be a reasonably easy conversion to throwing a ball if did decide to go too "twee". Or a couple globs of green stuff on either end and it would make a nice bone.

    I look forward to seeing you work on the Ogre, and I'm glad the guard lady has you thinking creatively!

  2. Hello Admiral! Thanks for following my new blog, hopefully I'll manage to turn something out that is of interest at some point :)

    Have to say, I agree with you on the female guardswoman - finally a female model thats isn't all boobs! And I must ask, where is that fantastic miniature you sent to The Inner Geek from?

    Cpt. Harris

  3. What a great idea and i've added another great blog to my list. Its a sort of blogger lend lease, hands across the ocean type thing lol :)

  4. Correction 2 new blogs, Zulus one of my all time fave films also ;)

  5. Having met Mrs Drax ... she's definitely taller.

    Great idea guys, better pull out the inking skills for this beauty MR.

  6. Happy new year Drax and all!

    soz i havent replied to any of your posts or my recent mention on your blog, just a quick message to say they didnt go unoticed and were greatly appreciated. my sporadic internet usage has been fleeting at best, but i am back and ready for a new year in the blogosphere.

    indeed we should get together for a great clash of lasguns and tank treads, but for now, heres to a good year's gaming!


    and to Cpt.Harris, that model is the commander from the forgeworld cadian command squad set

  7. Wow: didn't realise I hadn't replied here!

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    >Geek: yeah - I had that thought too, but I'm still thinking. I asked Mrs. D last night what weapon she might carry if she were stuck in the Grim Drakness of the Far Future, and the best I could get was either "some kind of bow and arrow" or "a mace". Power maul, maybe?

    >Harris: You're most welcome, mate.

    >Blitzspear: cheers! Yeah - there's a reason my Cadians are B Coy, 2/24th...

    >Suneokun: Fair one :)

    >TSINI: Back at you! I tried to comment on your most recent post and it wouldn't let me. Meeting up again would be fun and far more possible now I'm a driver.

    Take care, all...

  8. What a cool idea! Can't wait to see how they turn out.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Admiral.

  9. (Post somment ressurection! - what can I say, I missed a lot and a backtracking)

    So, Paint her like an MP, put the fearsome hound on a leash and give her her "Mace" in truncheon form!

    or.. not :)


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