Tuesday 18 January 2011

245 Medusa Conversion

Hi, All.

So I've been wondering what to do with my old basilisk turrets, having mostly converted the chassis to give them the option of carrying griffon mortars (which are way more fun)...and then I realised a simple and useful conversion was staring me in the face.

Cue a chunky pen lid, some cardstock and some tweaking - I'm particularly happy with the vents bored in the muzzle inner (NB: The new painting's only a basecoat):
...and it can still work as a basilisk, should the need (ever) arise:
Plans are afoot, me hearties: another small-scale local tournament approaches, beckoning me to...er...not take it very seriously...!


- Drax.


  1. Simple, easy, usable and good looking.. need i say more.. Another great conversion mate!

  2. interesting take on the Medusa Cannon. i really like the drilled holes as well. it really makes it look like a gun barrel instead of a plastic tube! :)

  3. I like it! It's the little details that really make it work, and you can't go wrong with the multi-purpose barrel option. Nice work!

  4. Oh so smart! I love that idea.

    Silly question... what does the '245' mean?

  5. Nice conversion there! I might have to steal it... no more buying models for me!

  6. Thanks, All!

    >Loquacious: each of my blog entries is numbered - this is serial 245; previous was 244.

    The lack of punctuation afterwards has led to some enjoyable confusions though...such as my apparently 204-wheeled APC: http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/2010/06/204-wheeled-apc-teaser-pics.html

  7. Looking forward to seeing the plasticard chassis and bitzbox track sections.

    (If only to keep the peice in 144 Fd Arty)

  8. Good stuff Admiral :) Simple yet effective!

  9. excellent! is there anything that cannot be done with old Pens?


  10. Excellent work. I may have to break out my old Basi and see if I can't get some dual use out of it!

  11. Ah, nice. So much better looking than my enclosed Basilisk guns. Any plans to make Hydra or Manticore modules, too?

  12. Thanks, Guys!

    >Zzzzzz: I'm not quite with you...

    >#2501: No, sadly. I love my hydra conversion, (see 'Posted Units', right) but I don't wicsh to spend any money at the moment, and tempting as the manticore rules are, I just can't do it justice with a conversion or a scratch-build.

  13. Very cool. I like the octagonal barrel!


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