Wednesday, 13 April 2011

256 Third Mortar Squad Complete

For some superbly well painted mortars (including a 2nd Edition team) check out Rasmus's awesome work here. In the meantime, with very little effort and a rather slap-dash approach, I've finished 3 Platoon's mortar squad. Here they are - pics taken in weird light:

You may notice that one of them is missing a hand. I hate the Cadian arm/hand situation and I'm too old to care much, so for now he has a wooden stump, but I may yet fashion him a little hook.


- Drax.


  1. Awesome Drax! The colors really compliments the models. You did a new technique or is it because the bases are bigger than your normal ones?

    Thanks for the mentioning mate and its not just cadians that's missing hands!

  2. Are some hands also no painted, or are they wearing gloves?

    I really like the look on the face of the fellow on the far left of the first pic. He looks very excited about dropping some mortar flavored death on enemies of the Imperium.

    I'd fashion a hook for Lefty right away. Something shiny and dangerous looking!

  3. Nice work buddy. Check out my mortar spam plan for Blogwars....

  4. Thanks, Chaps!

    >Ras: I bought a load of 60mm plywood bases from ebay, so that's why they look different.They're significantly smaller than the GW ones, but I rather like that!

    >Geek: They're leather gloves, mate (or whatever passes for leather in the 41st millennium!). It's an old artillery thing. And I think you're right about both Lefty and Mr. Excitable!

    >suneokun: I'm still pondering, mate...still pondering...

  5. I've just realised that the chap in the foreground in the third picture is too out of focus (new camera; new macro) which is a shame, as his left hand(!) is adjusting the mortar's elevation on the dial...

  6. I dig it man! pretty jelly :)

  7. Looking good as always, Drax!
    I'm with the Inner Geek - I think an old-fashioned hook could look very cool.

  8. Looking nice. You're really getting into this mortar thing, aren't you? I'm starting to catch the "Suneokun-Mortar" fever too.

  9. Good stuff Drax! I love the idea of a hook or some sort of mortar-round-grabbing clamp. The leather gloves are a nice touch as well. Keep up the great work!

  10. Nice as always, looking better with each miniature done!

  11. Tell me about your love of hands, Hal'jin...!

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