Wednesday, 20 April 2011

257 Coy Commander's Snipers (and Skin Tones)


I'm still on break from school, so I've been getting a bit more painting done, and as I've recently been trying out a bare-bones commander with four veteran snipers (70pts of order-wielding BS4 fire support!) I thought I ought to paint some more sniper models.

The models are okay but boring, so - out of sheer boody-mindedness if nothing else - I painted them each exactly the same apart from slightly different skin tones. Rather than the temperate DPM camo cloaks my normal snipers wear (as do my veterans) I thought I'd bash out some basic 'urban' colours instead. I guess maybe the OC told these guys what to pack for...!

The following stage-by-stage was taken with a flash at night, but in case you're interested, the order (on a Chaos Black basecoat) is a very simple Astronomican Grey --> Codex Grey --> Midnight Blue. As it happened, the light grey and blue effect this produced was significantly dulled once washed down with good ol' Devlan Mud, so it fits in a lot better with the other camo I already have.

And it was just as ruddy time consuming!

[Apologies to the Inner Geek for the delay on his orgryn, but I've suddenly got a deadline to work to...]

Cheers all,

- Drax.


  1. Why-oh-why, after almost 3 years of this, is the formatting of posts suddenly playing me up?

  2. No apologies necessary! I'm in no hurry.

    I do like the camo on these snipers though. It really does seem to make them blend with the bases a little more.

  3. Snipers look ace Drax, its the cadian ones right? The bases together with their dark green colors make em look very sinister!

  4. Looking good. Having much success on the table top with that bare-bones command squad?

    How often do you get to game, and what are your lists looking like nowadays?

    I know you struggled with light infantry vs mech for awhile. I haven't been able to gauge from your posts how well the light infantry weathered that storm, haha.

  5. Hard work, but the result was great!

  6. Top notch work! The camo looks fantastic, I'll have to give that a go on my next batch of veterans. Can't wait to see what's next!

  7. Those look belting, and they are even blending with their bases - score!

  8. I do like the camo cloaks too. I like the fact that it looks like what they would be wearing in that environment too.

    Very nice.
    Ron, From the Warp

  9. AAAaaargh!

    Second lengthy response lost. Hat blogger.

  10. *HATE blogger. Not 'hat'.

    Short version: thanks everyone.

    - D.

  11. Those snipers look really nice. Where are those sniper rifles from? I'm currently working on a conversion for my Scout Snipers and those rifles would be perfect.


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