Thursday, 21 April 2011

258 Drax's Current Standing 1500pt Army List(s)

Evening, All.
NB: The pic has nothing specifically to do with this post, other than being a reflaection of the mixed nature of my list. I just like it. It's from this big ol' post.

I realised yesterday that it's a while since I'd shared any army lists. Well, below is my current standing 1500pt list (I)...and a variant I've been trying more recently (II):

I used to use the psyker as an HQ as he was cheap, but I'm starting to prefer the Company Commander with the snipers now: he fits in better. His orders are fun, and four BS4 36" pinning shots (with orders?) can really bring the hurt too. Plus, the psyker never really 'fitted in'. Also, the List II 'chimeltavets' really aren't my style, but I'm trialling them at the moment. There you go.

- Drax.

PS: If you've never seen my 200th post (the origin of the pic, above) then it's worth a butcher's.


  1. Seem to be very balanced lists. I respect the fact that you're keeping with infantry squads.

    Chimelta vets make my stomach turn as well, but I've worked one Chimelta Vet squad and one ChiPlasma Vet squad into my list. I rationalize that as long as I don't spam them, and as long as I take at least one infantry platoon, then I have not sold my soul to optimization.

  2. Nice lists, Drax! I think I prefer the second as well, the Coy Cmdr and sharpshooters seems to fit the theme a bit better than the psyker. I like it!

  3. I feel sad. those are such lovely lists. I want to battle you!
    and my new russian one is chimeltaspam, even thought I don't like them that much. but it fully fits with my theme of army.

    I like 2nd list better

  4. hey drax, you know I dont play so Iv no comments on the list, but the picture is great.
    in response to your question on my blog, life at sea is NOT GREAT!!!! its unbelievably hard work - there are terrible conditions... it really is awful and im thinking of leaving it and coming back to a good ol' regualr job 'ashore'!! but thanks for asking :) hahaha

  5. Someone's becoming more competetive! ;)

  6. Plus, the psyker never really 'fitted in'

    Isn't that always the case with those touched by the warp though?

  7. I wish I had that many models finished and painted...


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