Sunday, 11 December 2011

289 Infantry Company...But Smaller? FoW

Well now.

After eighteen months of dallying, I've finally committed to my first proper Flames of War purchase:

Thus it begins.

- Drax.


  1. it seems like a lot of 40K guys are picking up FoW....

  2. and if you go down the Plastic Soldier Company, Zvezda and Forged in Battle routes, you can get tanks etc for a third of the cost of FoW stuff :)

  3. This migration to FoW...are we getting older, wiser, or just branching out?

    Or is it all three?

    I've been eyeing FoW for a while now too, although I think my first purchase would be the rulebook.

  4. It's kind of amazing, coming from GW's world, to see all the competition in the 15mm WWII space. A whole tournament army for $150 - $200? Yes please.

    Throw in some very clearly written/balanced rules and well...

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment, chaps.

    Yes: I've been dyed-in-the-wool 40K since the nineties, and this is the first departure from it that I've made.

    The rules are the key. I know they're not perfect, but they're so very well thought-through, and not being a competitive player myself I love how the central premise really seems to be a cooperative one - even for competition!

    The minis do seem expensive, as I've hardly bought any models in almost three years, but yes, a bit of shopping around really can pay dividends.

    Now I have a backbone of infantry, I can see some cheap plastic Shermans (5 for £14!) and some artillery will be just about my lot.

    And that's only if I can sneak them past Mrs. Drax.

    Oh GW: why do you expend so much effort to alienate us?


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