Tuesday, 9 July 2013

368 Cadian Rough Riders - More from the Vaults

Hullo All.

Just thought I'd delve briefly into the vaults again! 

This one is entirely self-explanatory: some very old conversions of Cadian Rough Riders. Apparently they did not survive the journey across the UK five years ago when we moved down here to Devon... I do still have the bitz at least:

I know they look dreadful - I honestly don't really know just what to do with them! Just thought someone might enjoy them, maybe...

Stay well,

- D.


  1. Something to go back to though, right? I bet with some nice FW gas mask headed torsos and a little love, they'd be some really cool minis.

  2. Like the flamer chap :) always nice to dig something out and have a trip down memory lane.


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