Wednesday 28 August 2013

379 Flames of War 3" Mortar Platoon


I don't have much to sy about this platoon really, other than this:
  1. This is the fastest I've ever completed a platoon, start-to-finish: I must be getting more organised at it!
  2. The static grass combos on the bases may seem a little too contrived, but there is a reason for the bland mix;
  3. Much as I was pleased to complete this swiftly, I didn't really enjoy painting this platon that much simple because the figures are rubbish: they're just generic British artillerymen, including (a) one man with a whacking great shell for a far larger weapon(!) and the wilted-hand-crouching guy holding spare mortar a 3-part carrier which is significantly smaller than the other 3-part ammo carriers which come with the set as accessories (on the bases in this case. Boo.
That said, I wasn't deliberately sloppy, and I do like to keep an online record of my units, so here are the pics:

Take care,

- Drax.


  1. Looking good. Impressive speed and progress as always! Any chance of a pic of them all together??!?!? Would love to see your whole force together.

    It's kind of boring that most of the crew are the same as the heavy mortars. You must be bored of painting 8+ of the same figure in some of the cases.

  2. Look great and now you have a nice cheap smoke bombardment option. Wish I could paint so fast!

  3. Hmmm...

    All together, you say?

    Yes, if time (and weather) give me oppotunity enough I shall do just that...with or without the 3rd rifle platoon.

    I might also just record the stages and process as I paint up that platoon too.

    Oh, and Cameron: yes it's a little tiresome but it's still less boring than doing so in 28mm - especially with the hundreds of more-or-less identical guardsmen that I have!

    Thanks, chaps!

  4. Looks really good Drax, and for the speed and progress they look very fine indeed. Annoying when models don't tally up like that - I had to reorder some German artillery crew when one seemed to have a Nebelwerfer rocket while crewing a 10.5cm gun.

  5. There was an interesting interview on WWPD about packaging errors. It sounded like each blister and box is essentially assembled by hand. A person gets all the bits as most of the BF products are not plastic sprues. Must be a nightmare getting infantry platoons and things together.

  6. Sadly, these do seem to be the prescribed pieces. I might just drop a complaint of to BF though, as it really is a shame...


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