Saturday, 30 August 2014

457 - Six Years of Bloggy Progress. Thanks.

Hullo, All.

I've been meaning to write this post, on account of something the excellent Karitas [link - more of whom very soon] noted recently. Like a lot of bloggers in our niche I tend to be quite hard on myself, and Karitas kindly - and quite rightly - called me on it. 

I'd left a comment [this great post] in which I'd called into question my own ability to perceive (and by extension apply) colours and palettes, noting that 'Even I' could discern the subtle differences, and Karitas replied with the following:

"'even I' says the experienced and accomplished modeller who is now painting unit markings in 15mm.. :)"

And I realised that he's right.

My issues with palettes notwithstanding*, My painting really has come a long way, so I've chosen just to put together this quick comparison of a strictly limited four pics:
  1. a rather staid Imperial Guard command squad painted (and gloss varnished!) in 2008 when I started this blog;
  2. an Imperial Guard command squad converted and painted up as a liaison squad for Zzzzzz in 2013;
  3. my first, basic and sadly rather inaccurate Flames of War platoon from two years ago, and
  4. my recent modelledFlames objective marker.
So there you go. The differences I know may not appear too starkly in the pics, but trust me, these models are worlds apart in the 'flesh', and it's almost entirely due to various aspects of feedback received and examples admired through this wee bloggy portal.

Thanks for your time, as always. And I mean it when I say this: keep up the great work!

- Drax.
*They ARE real, Karitas - honest - you've seen the way I dress!


  1. Congrats, mate! I always look forward to seeing your posts, and I have to agree with Karitas, your work in 15mm of late has been nothing short of spectacular!


  2. Six years! That's awesome, Drax. Thanks for sharing your hobby ramblings with us, and I'll agree with Karitas too, the most recent 15mm fun has been great to watch : )

    Keep it up!

  3. Six years of blogging! Well done, quite an achievement to stick with it for that long. Your painting is great, and I guess posting it online for the world to see is good motivation to keep developing and improving. Here's to six more years! Cheers, Paul :-)

  4. Nice job, love the 15mm objective...and congrats!

  5. Oh, crumbs, chaps - thanks, but I'm sorry to have given you the impression that this is my sixth anniversary - that was back in May and as it happened went unsung. No, I'm afraid I rather pitched the title of this post wrong - it was more supposed to be just an acknowledgement of the fact that (like all of us, I know) I'm getting better at 'doing' the hobby!

    Cheers though!

    1. Absolutely, and while I'm humbled to have been cited for it, I'm glad you're recognising what you are accomplishing :)

      Your work is lovely, and as a teacher, you have to know that learning is lifelong :)

  6. Ach, stop it.

    Your work was good from the start. It's just matured since is all.

    Keep it up young man, I insist.

  7. Your painting skills really have Improved and developed over the years. Every now and then I'll run across an old mini of mine, and it usually makes me shutter. :) I always find it interesting to see how one changes their style or "processes" over time, slowly developing along the way.

    1. Thanks, mate: at last I'm starting t take some pride in my newer stuff.



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