Saturday, 11 October 2014

467 - X-Wing Game 3 - Shuttle Escort Scenario

Got a third game in last night - against DS again...and it was an absolute stormer!
We both had a couple of new ships (oops!) we were keen to field, but we wanted to do more than just face off in two lines and blast away, so we thought we'd try a more narrative approach as I mentioned before:
To that end, we thought we'd try a mission with a trio of lowly TIEs escorting a Lambda shuttle through a Rebel ambush. The Rebels were striking from both flanks with (in joyously alphabetically order),
  • 2 A-Wings,
  • 1 B-Wing,
  • 2 X-Wings and
  • 2 Z-95 Headhunters.
But it was okay, because the Empire had sent out some big hitters to bring the shuttle home safe - specifically, Carnor Jax in his TIE Interceptor and a Alpha Squadron Interceptor both flanking DS's rather intimidating new Firespray.

The mission we blagged involved - very simply - the Empire having to move the shuttle across the table from top-right and off their bottom-left corner (all deployment zones were Range 3 from corners) and the Rebels trying to destroy the shuttle. The idea was adapted from the published shuttle mission, but rather than give the Empire 20 more points (essentially the shuttle for free), we just did away with the Rebel reserves. It worked out at 150 points each.

The trap was well sprung, but the inexperienced Rebel pilots bumbled their navigation at first and the Headhunters and A-Wings failed to get their target locks for an early launch of their ordnance. Across the board the X-Wings were closer to the TIE Interceptors than they realised, and they were the first to take a pasting.
This pasting continued with the Rebels losing both an X-Wing and the ordnance-carrying Z-95 before they were able to pick off a lowly TIE fighter. Soon the rebels were being squarely whittled-down, and once I lost my B-Wing we both thought that the Empire would soon carry the day.

But in their arrogance, the Imperial Navy had overlooked the brace of zizzy little A-Wings streaking after the shuttle and picking off the last of its shields from long range.
And then, Just as the shuttle was about to exit the board, both A-Wings - almost unmolested - were able to finally close the gap to Range 1, focus their attention, and let fly with their proton rockets. With five attacks each at range one, AND with focus to help, the shuttle was doomed, and its vital high-ranking Empire passengers were lost in the ensuing fireball.

Stunned and dispirited, the Empire pilots were immediately recalled to base, leaving the Gemmer Sojan to lead the equally stunned Rebel pilots limping away.

A successful ambush, yes, but at what cost?
In summary:
  • The scenario worked really super-well and told a properly cinematic story - neither of us was expecting the Rebels to win after about turn 3;
  • It was REALLY fun to try out some new toys and rules (especially secondary weapons);
  • The A-Wings did exactly what they were supposed to do (albeit slightly later than I'd hoped) - proof if proof were needed that detailing units to specific missions really can be a good idea (who'da thunk it?!);
  • The minis looked AMAZING on he mat;
  • We're both getting a wee bit better at manoeuvring and DS played a good, sound, tactical game - certainly better than me, since he was able to outmanoeuvre me and anticipate most of my moves! Most.
  • The Standard A-Wing and the Rebel Aces A-Wing together look like bowling shoes.

Thanks for reading,

- Drax.

PS: Sorry the pics are just of the endgame!


  1. A container of XWing stuff has arrived in the UK. Bought a Y Wing and Darth Vader's Tie fighter from Rochester models.

  2. thanks for the bowling shoes, i will never be able to look at my favourite ship the same way again...

    1. No seriously, that was my fav' ship too... :(

    2. I'm's just...y'know...the two of them together...

  3. Looks like a great game was played. What secondary weapon did the a wings have again?

    1. Proton rockets, I believe - Range 1 (focus) 2 attacks + agility (upto 5 max).

    2. I have not seen those yet. They appear to be in Rebel Aces and the upcoming big Rebel ship. Curse you FFG for putting a deck building game inside your miniatures game.

    3. Yup. It's a mixed blessing for us, as (X-Wing not being a hoarding, plastic-mountain, painting-pile-type-game) we've pooled all our minis and cards etc. at DS's house. This is great in terms of practicality, but I now have no idea at all which upgrades etc. come with which expansion.

      this should help with that

  4. Really enjoying these X-Wing posts. I own the starter set (two, actually), and I am immensely frustrated that I have never been able to actually play the game yet. So I must continue to live vicariously through you. Keep up the reports!

    1. I feel your pain from experience with other systems, Dan, and it's always good to hear from you. I promise Ill look you up for a game if I can ever afford to get out to the Land of Lincoln again...

  5. Excellent report, sounds like the scenario worked very well with a few ups and downs and a thrilling finale :-)

    1. Cheers, Paul: yeah, it was a real tonic - just what we were looking for in terms of good narrative gaming!

  6. Great stuff! I like the mission narrative.

  7. Thanks, Nick: t'was a real joy to play...


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