Monday, 13 October 2008

050 Light Infantry Patrol - 500pts Army List

After a brief pseudo-game agaist 73rd a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd post my 500pt army list.

I played against his Necrons, and as I'd never played them and he was relatively new against Guard, we decided to make it a 'first contact'-type scenario...and it was great! He's a great opponent, and the patrolling platoon+ of the 2/24th Cadian were bloody confused by the metallic death-bots!

We fought Combat Patrol rules with a 5th Ed scenario to an agreeable draw before my platoon was doubtless withdrawn to be cross-questioned by Imperial intel cells about their experiences.

Below is my recce force. I wanted to use one of my basic platoons and support it with some extra weaponry, as if they'd taken some extra heavy stuff out on patrol just in case. They also took a commissar with them, and he requisitioned a chimera as his command vehicle - again, just in case!

HQ sect: Jr officer w. P/wpn+las pistol and ID; vet medic; vox; 2 x gren
Commissar w. P/wpn+bolt pistol
Transport: Chimera w. multilaser turret and hull heavy bolter; smoke

1 sect: Sgt w. las pistol/ccw; vox; plasma gun
2 sect: Sgt w. las pistol/ccw; vox; meltagun; heavy bolter
3 sect: Sgt w. las pistol/ccw; vox; gren; heavy bolter
4 sect (r) - 5 pax incl. Sgt w. las pistol/ccw; vox; flamer

There you go - they did me proud!

- Drax


  1. Comeon Drax, where's the detail and highly elaborate top down view... This is like a teaser trailer... Thinking of writing the next 'Snow Patrol' today! All the best.

  2. Congratulations on your... non loss? A tie is always better on the 40k table than received as a Christmas present though. And I love the term 'death bots'... very accurate somehow.

  3. It was a great game indeed, thanks for the mention, and in return you were a great opponent to face! I have learnt that although the Guard are known for their shooty tendencies, throwing them behind cover and in coherency with separate squads makes for a very hard to shift force!

    I look forward to our next battle, perhaps this time we can provide snap shots of the carnage!

  4. Sounds like you had a more entertaining game than mine was tonight.

    Played a 1.5k against Dark Angels and utterly wiped them off the face of the earth... shame one of the other better players at our store finished uni and buggered off. Now there's a real dearth of actual chanllanging opponents. :(

  5. Sorry if I've missed the point but was their 36 gaursmen in their aswell or was it just a sargent.

  6. Thanks, All,

    @suneokun: look forward to reading it;

    @SMIG: Thanks - any non-slaughter is a result for Guard. And you know I love puns!

    @Gamers world: 10 men per section - incl. sgt, vox and special weapon. 5 men (inclusive) in the remnant section. With the HQ section, that's 40 in the platoon.

    More to come soon...


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