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048 Help Wanted! New Chimera Variant WiP


Work's been very busy - no surprises there - so as forecast I've not been able to get as much done as I'd want. I'll get back into the swing of it yet. has started on my new chimera variant.

Originally, this was going to be a version with a front ramp (a narrower version of the landraider one) with the driver shifting to the hull-weapon position - intended as a one-use transport pointed towards enemy lines and unleashed - maybe with a line towed behind it so the remains could be retrieved for salvage: seemed a suitably Guard-like idea...but it just doesn't fit with my Cadians.

Still wanting to convert a chimera (and having bought one) I've done this, in no small part based on an idea from the Ammo Bunker, though I can't work out how to link to the actual page:
The bits were cut freehand, so I cut over the line. I'll tidy it up flush when it goes together:This will go together something like this (and what follows here is literally a cut-and-pasted image - I've no idea how to scan things!):...but not necessarily with the autocannon turret (image from FW).


...are any suggestions as to (a) a role for it; (b) an armament for it, and (c) a name for it. I'd like it to be a cool model. If it can have working rules too, that'd be great. Remember: keep it simple, please - I'm a bear of very little brain.

My rambling thoughts upto this point:

The idea so far is that it's got a reduced/negated transport capacity and a longer-ranged weapon on its turret. Ideas for the weapon include an autocannon (above - this makes it look a lot like an enclosed scout salamander); T-L autocannon (which would give it more of a raison d'etre at least) or - and I like this one - two of the missile launchers from the FW Support Sentinels.

For those of you who don't know these (although I only have the downloaded trial rules) they can fire conventionally as missile launchers or in the indirect role to the same range. I'd use the FW Imperial Navy missile launchers (4 tubes) with one either side of a stubby turret. I also have an idea up my sleeve for a cool looking pintle-mounted weapon.

Therefore, is it a fast scout salamander without the lunacy of being open topped (almost certainly with improved comms) - maybe an OPV? Or is it a long-range direct-fire heavier support vehicle (maybe to transport a command section)? Or is it a field coversion to provide light, mobile, short-range artillery?

Answers on a postcard, please...

- Drax.

PS: I do take note of your suggestions: my veterans, for example, had their shoulder pads experimented on muchly last month!


  1. I like the enclosed Salamander and the improvised support ideas best. Both have merit. I think if I had to chose, I'd do the missile launchers. That would be completely unique where as the enclosed Salamander is just a Salamander that has, in fact, been closed. Yes, I'd do the missile launcher variant and call it The Missile Shooting Tank Thingy of Doom. Or, 'MSTTD' if you like.

  2. I'm in favor of the support, light missile launcher tank with reduced transport capacity. Perhaps 6 (half of the normal 12), which would allow for a command squad and an adviser or so. Also, the improved comms would help establish it as a command tank. Perhaps it could be called the Centaur Command Track in keeping with the Chimera's (and Hydra's, etc.) mythological name.

  3. Will you be keeping the front facing heavy bolter?

    If so i'd go with the missle launchers+reduced capacity - i'd think of it like an armoured transport/fire support such as the Bradley (us) or Warrior (uk)

    Put a 6 man squad of vet's with plasma/melta guns and you have a rapid reaction vehicle or armoured fist style unit.

    Then again i do like the idea of the one shot transport for hitting an enemies lines - massive front armour in a folorn hope style. Very IG!

    Also Drax any word on the Orc warbosses?

  4. Thanks, Guys.

    I simply LOVE the idea of it being The Missile Shooting Tank Thingy of Doom. Or, 'MSTTD' - in both nominal and practical senses. Look out for a continuation of the MSTTD idea in future posts: cheers, SMIG!

    @ a fan of drax (thank you!):
    Good points; eloquently made. The 'Centaur' has already been taken by FW though - there's quite a paucity of decent mythological or heraldic beastie names left unused. I baulk at calling it a 'cockatrice' for example! Maybe I'll search back through the ol' D&D Monster Manual for ideas...

    @ Dubs: Again, inclined to agree now with the missile launcher idea. Your likening it to a Bradley/Warrior AND the 'MSTTD' idea, above, both remind me of vehicle recognition classes in days of yore, when the Soviet BRDM vehicles were given the catchy pseudonym Bolshevik Recce Death Machine!


    - Drax.

  5. The way I see it, it'd have more space for an engine so its a rapid assault carrier. Get in, get out. Sure it'd have a bit less armour but hey.

    Enclosed salamander sounds good to me if it has a troop capacity. I'd avoid missile launchers though as thats something for a manticore if anything :D

  6. I think the IFV idea has a lot of merit. You could have a turret mounted autocannon and FW missile launcher stuck on the side. I like the idea of giving it a 6 trooper carrying capacity too. You could drive up to an enemy held objective and dump out a special weapon squad with demo charges and flamers.

    As to names, I always liked Daedalus (from Icarus and Daedalus) and Pandora. I think both can be pretty fitting if you use the vehicle as a transport

  7. Hmmm...I'd go with a fire-support transport, and I'd name it the Sabretooth HTV (heavy transport vehicle)

  8. Thanks for the comments, Guys - and for the name suggestions - I particularly liked the Daedalus idea (cheers), but I decided I need a beastie rather than a mythological human.

    From what I can establish, there's no Imperial Guard 'Minotaur' vehicle...

    Can anyone put me straight on this?

    I like sabretooth too, though maybe that's suited to something a little more assaulty?

    - Drax

  9. Oh, and I'm about 90% now that I'm going to go for the missile launchers - I've been playing with the trret tonight...

    Mind you, for those of you more tempted with the sleek look of the FW autocannon turret alternative...well, I think I might just buy me one of those too!

    - Drax

  10. Glad you like the name suggestion, but I can see why you might want something more fierce.

    Well, there's a Manticore and Medusa, but no Minotaur, according to Wikipedia. Looks like you found your name!

  11. Whoops, spoke too soon. Forgeworld just beat you to the punch. They just released a "minotaur" heavy tank

  12. Thanks, Anon.

    Sadly I came to that same conclusion this morning as I wandered down to the village shop. Damn, damn, damn!

    Especially as (a) I don't like the FW minotaur, and (b) the two missile launchers will be mounted in a way similar to a pair of horns.


    - Drax.

  13. GOT IT!


    Or just in case - as I'm fairly sure there used to be a 40K wyvern in Epic scale (back when it was called "Space Marine") I'll have cockatrice as a stand-by.

    Sure it doesn't sound too threatening, but then again, the vehicle won't be!

    More pics soon...

    - D.

  14. Wyvern is good, but when I saw the MSTTD acronym, I did think Mastodon would be a good name ?

    Also, in the IG Armoured Company list, Chimeras can be used as Fast Attack choices without a squad, so your Wyvern/Mastodon could be used to represent that vehicle, or maybe as a stormtrooper transport with a reduced infantry capacity.

    Really like the thought of using the Sentinel missile launchers. Very few GW vehicles have missiles as main armamament, good to see a Striker/ITOW supported. Consider the idea 'borrowed'.

  15. I like 'Mastodon' for the MSTTD reference. Cheers. That could well grow on me...

    - Drax.


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