Sunday, 26 October 2008

053 Wyvern Progress: Taking Shape

Evening, All!

Thanks to all those of you who have commented/encouraged/suggested so far - especially the recent comments from anonymous parties on 052 - I'm flattered: cheers!

Progress has been slow for two reasons: (1) waiting for parts from FW, and (2) having a house guest since last Monday. BUT The parts are here and they're just how I imagined them!

Photos. First, here's a close-up of how I've mounted the missile tubes so far - I've actually used both parts of the spotlight mounting, though I'll tidy that join up soon. Note the turret was not glued down at this point:
Now. Here are three pics of the turret configuration as it stands at the moment.
I played about with a number of options to replace the main gun, but I just couldn't get optical arrays looking right. Then I hit upon the idea of a heavy stubber in there - (P-M rules) just as a reserve for when the main ammo's expended - so I went with it. I figured as a defensive weapon it'd look alright. I think it does look quite neat, actually...but it looks too well-armed when it has the missile tubes as well. They must appear as the main weapon: if they look like a bolt-on then I feel the model's concept fails, and the heavy stubber (rubbish though it is) looks a bit too beefy.
Any thoughts? Please? I've only lightly glued the turret down, so I can make adjustments. I think I probably will, but we'll see.
As for the rear lasgun ports? Well, I like your ideas for comms equipment/searchlights, so I'll keep looking at those, but actually the tank accessory storage box you can see on the right in the pic above looks pretty good, so I might even contemlate mixing one or two of those in...

Oh, and for those who were wondering, THIS is what the autocannon turret looks like on the swept-back hull:

Neat huh? - Almost makes me want to keep that as a reserve 'enclosed salamander' option. Oh, wait - I already fully intend to!

- Drax.


  1. That's a tough one. I really like the look of the Autocannon turret though.

    I agree with you on how the weapons must look (in terms of not being bolted on).

    I wish I knew more about tanks to offer some better help.

  2. Looks good!

    I think the Heavy Stubber actually looks fine. It's not too big, especially compared to that autocannon. I always thought that the Chimera's turret was a tad too small anyway, so the stubber fits in nicley.

    Are you still planning on mounting both the missile launcher on the turret? It might make the turret look a little too small in comparison. I think if you mount targeting optics on the other side of the turret, it would still look nice. Then you could make another Wyvren with the extra launcher!

  3. I like it's look so far but I think that the heavy stubber is slightly too big. maybe ypu could cut it half way down then glu the end back on.

  4. I think the stubber looks good as it. It's actually the right size for the turret without overwhelming it.

  5. I think you're on the right track with your set up for the heavy stubber/launcher. It just needs a bit more beef for the main turret in my mind.

    The size of the launcher (and this project overall!) reminds me of the Bradley Linebacker. The set up for the Bradley launcher tubes is on a pivot that comes up when it's going to launch. So really the only thing your model seems to be missing, is the room for the launcher to stow away for travel.

    The stubber is dead on in my book. But the autocannon is a must keep variant ^_-.

  6. Yas... looks good! and grey death is aiming in the right direction with the Bradley Linebacker... its basically what your trying here...

  7. Hey Drax, that is one sweet looking tank! The stubber looks fine as is. With the missile pod, it definitely needs to look like the main weapon, so the following changes might help.

    A) I know its a pain but its needs a more substanial attachment to the turret. Currently the Missile Launcher pod looks like it would fall off on the first shot. It needs to be solidly attached to the turret, preferably on a attitudinal mount (therby giving the impression it can be aimed anywhere 360 degrees).

    B) I would model a commander holding a sentinel controller joystick thingie. Run wires from this to the missile pod, thereby indicating that this is the main weapon...

    I think that would look awesome...

  8. Thanks all!

    You're slowly persuading me that the stubber's okay - though I'll take another look in the bitz box later this week. I may think about cutting it down too - I like the idea of a stubby barrel - very WW2-British!

    As for the turret? I think you're right: I need to bulk it out a little. I'll be keeping the double launch tubes, BUT I've hit on a far better way of mounting them - watch this space. It looks far more...substantial!

    Grey Death, thanks for the link to the Linebacker - yes: that's exactly the kind of look I'm going for. I can't quite make the launchers actually retractable(!) but as I mentioned above, I'll be making the mounts more solid. I may be able to make them appear lower-able too.

    Suneokun, great suggestions! I've got a spare sentinel control arm, but I'm concerned it might look a little too jerry-rigged: I'll give it a go. As for the mounts' articulatio, the turret's rotation provides the traverse and the elevation will be made more evident with the new mounts. We'll see, eh?


    - Drax. Currently snowed under by real life.


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