Sunday, 24 June 2012

319 Fighting Siph's Relictors...

...was absolutely great...
...and I took an absolute thrashing. Six of the best, trousers down. Seriously - it was the most comically unfortunate game I have played in a long, long time.

Don't get me wrong - I was squarely and fairly beaten by the very personable Siph Horridus and his beautifully painted Relictors, and Siph played a good game, but I was definitely unlucky with my rolls. Comically unlucky.

Siph's done a great job of relating the story (did we really only manage three turns? Jeez!), and I implore you to visit this link to his site, but he also sent me copies of the photos, so for the sake of completeness I shall include a selection of them forthwith.

Key moments in the game?
- With all my units neceassarily bunched and half in the open, Siph steals the initiative. Ouch!
- His shiney new storm talon flies 36" (thirty-six bloody inches?!) across the board and promptly gets blown apart by my hydra;
- Both his chaplain-led jump pack squad AND his close asault terminators fail their charges through terrain and are elft standing there like loonies.
- My lone meltagunner and his sergeant...flawlessly failing to hit the landraider 4" in front of them and yet resolutely steeling themselves for an onslaught of very slicey terminators. 
- My reserves not really bothering to show up. Especially Marbo. Git.

Until next time...thanks, Siph!

- D.


  1. Anytime Drax ;)

    Good game, next time I'll bring two StormTalons!!

  2. Jebus... two 'talons..... Admiral, you need to bust out the Valkyries. :)

  3. One day I might indeed treat myself to a valkyrie...but lovely though the models are, the rules are so broken for them that I don't know if I could bring myself to use it!

  4. Great game and smashing pics; thanks for sharing them! Curse those fickle dice. With the latest wave of flyermania sweeping Holy Terra I might invest in a Hydra...


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