Wednesday, 27 June 2012

320 Wait - Did You Say There's a New Edition Coming?

Ach, well - I guess no-one's going to be reading my stuff for a while. But I got a notification today that my book's been 'dispatched' so hopefully I'll have it before too long...though doubtless I'll miss the post and have to troll down to the Post Office to collect it.
Meantime, I thought I'd come up with a wishlist of 5 things that would make playing my ol' Guard a little less painful at times, along with a link:
  1. Fix voxes somehow. Even in a pdf update. Make them useful and fluffy like they should be.
  2. I hope in GW's/Mat Ward's plan to make everything impossible to kill that Guardsmen don't now die too easily...
  3. Vehicles should use their side armour values when assaulted
  4. Please don't make all the bloody terrain into fiery Guard-deathpits
  5. Let's have a glimmer of hope for humanity, please? Just one?
Here's to it...

- D.


  1. Haha, I like it! Fat chance on the voxes though I reckon, our armies are doomed to be inept communicators for ever! Pointless wargear that no one takes is the name of the game.

  2. We're doomed to be everyone's favorite targets.. soft and squishy...;)

  3. Me and Headologist have trialled some rules for voxes, where any units not in command radius or vox contact count as out of 'synapse' range and you loose control of them, like the old Tyranids or WFB Orc Animosity charts. As far as I remember it was something like 1: Make one 2D6" fall back move, 2-3: do nothing except defend yourself in close combat, 4: can only shoot, 5-6: act normally. This was way back in 4Ed however, before orders so I'm not sure how they would be compatible with the new Orders system.

  4. Now that immobilized vehicles aren't abandoned, I might just run my Valk's in a squadron...

    I think I'm going to buy a skyshield, especially if it denies interception of my reserves as they come in. And an another Aegis Defense line. The two I have are mostly scenery on bases and turrets for Hydras.

    1 reason not to make a 5 inf squad blob. 5 grenades thrown before an assualt!

    I think we are out of luck on the vox's though.

  5. @Drax

    1 rule I just read about that is very nice for guard. You can declare that some models in a squad are moving and others are not. Those that are not, like say a heavy weapons team, can still fire as if they were stationary.

    I bet that probably works for vehicle squadrons as well.

    Just need to keep coherency.

  6. Seems like alot of weird craziness that I"m not sure I"m interested in.

    Glacing vehicles to death sounds too easy.
    Only killing what you can 'see'
    Longer assualt ranges I mean more psyker powers
    More focus on 'heroes' 'warlords' and 'characters'
    40k is starting to sound more and more like whfb in space...

  7. Hopefully humanity stands a chance in this edition.
    Ron, FTW

  8. Thanks, All! A pleasant surprise to receive so many comments.

    >Scipio: It's easily fixed - just allow voxes to grant orders at unlimited range (no rerolls). It'd still be very limited by the facts that (a) Officers would still need a line of sight to any ordered target and (b) only vets and normal squads can take voxes anyway, so officers would still need to stick close to anything more useful, like heavy or special squads. Ho-hum...

    >Spyrle: I haven't been following enough of the rumours to make complete sense of your comments, but I can't see me having cash enough to buy many new models to supplement an army that I feel has been complete for two years! I dunno. It's hard enough painting and lugging around 2000pts' worth of guardsmen, without dragging scenery around too. Although I do like the look of the defence line...

    I LOVE the look of that second rule though: just what would make guard inf squads with hvy wpns playably fluffy again (I don't 'blob') - thanks!

    > Azaghul: Yeah. What you said. Still, innocent until proven guilty, and I'm hoping against hope that it'll be possible to just ignore psykers in VIth - (a) because I don't often field them (they don't fit in with my army) and (b) because I don;t want to have to buy any damn supplements.

    >Ron: Thanks, mate - here's to it, eh?!


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