Saturday, 9 June 2012

316 Battling Gravis Part 2: Game 1 [Pretty Pictures!]

...So in a continuation of yesterday's post, the internet connection is now a little better, so I can actually post some pictures from the first fight.

In case you missed it, I was playing a unique mission against Col. Gravis - 1000pts, infantry only - and he was defending. Gravis's version of the battle report [linked] is more comprehensive than mine, but please find below some more pretty pictures:

This pic of the Praetorians' deployment has a real '2nd Edition' feel to it¬
 The Praetorians' mortars¬
 The Cadian Deployment¬
Turn 1:
The Praetorian mass surges forward ¬
 ...and the Cadians move up to meet with them. Cautiously.¬
Turns 2 and 3:
SURPRISE! A scenario special rule and a lucky roll of '6' means the Reds sneak on right behind the Greens! Oh no! ¬
 [most of the more detailed Praetorian pics - like this one - are enlargable if you open them separately] 
 ...and the Cadians fight back, thinning the ranks a little ¬
Meanwhile the Paretorian surge continues: two combined squads led by a Lord Commissar accompanied by a PCS and Bastonne's vets ¬
As the Cadian reserves move onto the board, the battle line swings its axis through about ninety degrees and they start - slowly - to hand back the pain ¬
 But the fighting continues, and despite their CO falling to the jaws of the Cadians' regimental corgi, the Praetorians just keep on slogging forward under the watchful gaze and level bolt pistol of the Commissariat ¬
Turns 4 and 5:
Finally, the Cadians' numbers and superior long-range firepower take their toll, and the Praetorians start to fall ¬
 The Thin Red Line ¬
 Sadly, the pictures I took of the final assaults and the endgame didn't come out...but we called it at turn 5 and despite Gravis quite literally 'stealing a march' from my Cadians in the outflanking manoeuvre turn 2, the picture was looking fairly grim for those in pith helmets.  

To compensate, here's a pic of Gravis's mortars again. They moved up to support the battle line, but sadly only got one lucky shot in all game:
 In the next installment (tomorrow maybe?) I'll share the photos of the second game. Until then, please read Gravis's battle report(s), and why not take a glance at this little mission that we played - it really was a good giggle!  


- Drax.


  1. "Falling to the jaws of the Cadian's regimental corgi" is just a superb line! I need to find time to get down to the Lair.

  2. there are far too few tanks for my liking!

  3. Beautiful stuff - looks like it was a hoot! That is a fearsome amount of infantry on both sides of the table - looking forward to seeing more!

  4. No tanks! I love it!

    And I also gfawed at the comment about the regimental corgi.

  5. Agreed, no armor! Great fight.. you don't see this enough in 40k anymore.. great!

  6. Ady - it'd be a pleasure to see you there!

    I always enjoy infantry-only scraps in 40k, and this was particularly fun.

    The second battle was a bit more conventional in terms of armour on the table...but it's still worth a look when I post it, not least because Gravis's Malcador is a thing of beauty.

  7. Lovely job on the report and the pictures, I should of taken more!


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