Friday, 15 June 2012

317 Battling Gravis Part 3: Game 2 [more pics]

Hullo, gang.

Sorry for the delay - but here are the pics of the second game Col Gravis and I played last week. We played 'Prepared Assault' from the Battle Missions book at 2000pts with fairly fun and fluffy lists. And Gravis brought along his beautiful, beautiful Malcador defender too.

If you're unfamiliar with Prepared Assault, it's attacker vs defender with the 'stray rounds' rule, whereby half-inch squares of paper flutter down like stray battlecannon sheels. It was good fun! I was defending, and to cut a long story short, I conceded defeat at 11.20pm after gravis had played a good tactical game and I'd been a little unlucky. It was a fight well won.

Here's some of the proof. Forces beforehand, then my and his deployments, then a few shots from the game. As the evening got later the photos grew scarcer:

- Drax.


  1. That looks truly epic. I am very jealous!

  2. Great pics - sounds like it was a really good game. Seeing a whole army together like that is good for any player, but for an Imperial Guardsman it's something else all together. Thanks for the photos!

  3. That Roughrider charge looks epic!

  4. Yeah - pretty good fun again, but sadly there was no massed cavalry charge: one group charged and neutered an immobilised hellhound (very useful) and the remnants of the other group, having been blown apart by Marbo, charged him down and killed him in revenge.

    Thanks for visiting: keep a weather eye open for the next post in which I show some of the awesome new scenery at the club...


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