Saturday 21 December 2013

390 - The Magic of Christmas?

After yet another busy month with scarcely any hobby time I have made An Executive Decision:

I will undertake to make some hobby time AND write a post about it every bloody day over the next fortnight's holiday.

Self-Build; Christmas Holidays 2008 (pre-parenthood)

First one's imminent.


- drax.


  1. Promises are Dangerous things, but I wish you all success with it my dear Drax.

  2. [pulls up chair and opens obscene thing of popcorn. Offers popcorn to Karitas and Responsible One.]

    I will give you an extra prezzie if you manage it.

    [Relaxes back into chair]

  3. GOOD NEWS: there's already a rather pretty post scheduled for later on this evening.

    BAD NEWS: whilst I was out earlier, Mrs Drax made her own Executive Decision - viz that my desk is the ideal place for our late-arrived Christmas tree.


    Still, enjoy your popcorn chaps: challenge accepted!

  4. Looking forward to it! Loving that conversion by the way.

  5. Heh - my wife is trained to suck it up. Hobby = me = hobby. Train yours appropriately!

    Looking forward to 14 posts!

  6. >Scipio: Thanks! If you never saw the original post (before I based the model), every detail of the model relates in some way or another to me.It was a fun build but making the glasses was a pain!

    >Dai: No dice there, mate. She's been around for me since 2000, and I only got back into the hobby in a meaningful way in about 2001. As for hobby space? Our cottage is tiny with no storage space, so there's - quite reasonably - nowhere I could leave stuff set up that the kids couldn't come to mischief or that I'd still have space to work or eat. The Shed IS technically an option, but it's falling apart, bloody uncomfortable and buggered cold out there in December!


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