Sunday 22 December 2013

392 - Day 2/14 - Know Your Enemy

And here's my enemy du jour - our pretty wee Christmas Tree:
Note that this both is my work desk and my hobby desk, and it's in the darkest corner of our cottage. In fact the only places darker where I could try to get some painting done...are in the 'middle' of the room.

Like the dining table.

Where I once more find myself painting since being ousted by my arborial foe:
Still, you'll note I've managed to find where Mrs Drax tidied my hobby stuff and get a little more paint onto some of the figures I'm painting up for Zzzzzz.

So it begins...

- D.


  1. Ha - I'm trying to figure out why you need a metal geen stuff shaper when you are painting - is this some new technique you have developed Drax that you will sell off to the highest 'Eavy Metal bidder??

    The tree is a classic - love the nativity scene. Merry Xmas to you and the girls Drax.

  2. Making the best with what you have got, I know it's a lot

  3. Cheers, chaps!

    About that sculpting tool (good question): some of the models needed some filling at the shoulder joint (awkward flamer left arms!) so for want of green stuff I used Fimo modeling clay and covered it in a layer of varnish. Should work okay...

  4. "Arboreal foe..." Awesome. Bravo sir, Bravo.

  5. Lovely! A very merry to you and the whole Drax family!

  6. Te he.

    (sorry 'bout the gaps).

  7. And merry Christmas to You All and All Yours too!


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