Monday 23 December 2013

393 - Day 3/14 - Sweet Little Runaround

In today's offering, to give me a break from setting-up and packing-away my paltry paint set, some long-overdue modelling: a beautiful Forgeworld Centaur Artillery Tractor, courtesy of Zzzzzz's beneficence. It's an awfully long time since I last scrubbed release oil from resin, I can tell you:
I've a brace of these, to pull the guns one of which is on the left of the picture (also from Zzzzzz)... he intends for them to be used in the Anti-Tank role, which I love (two guns in the D/F pistol role - nice!) but Ill need to 40K them up a bit more first, I think. I don't yet know quite how.

The Centaur, however, is hands-down one of my favourite FW models ever. EVER. I'm very excited to be attacking one now, and though I don't expect to finish it any time soon I'm really looking forward to working out the crew and seeing what it'll look like with its gun limbered!

See you tomorrow, eh?!
   "Blow wind! Come wrack!
At least we'll die with harness on our back."

- Drax.


  1. I like the Centaurs too. Small but full of character.

    Leave the gun as is - not all stuff in 40K has to look "40K'. (Especially when it's YOUR 40K!) :)

  2. And you must have either a stick on plastic eagle or the transfers to match the rest of the 24th's vehicle fleet to adorn the gun shield ?

    hummmm, rivets...


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