Friday 9 May 2008

005 Painting the Cadian 24th

I generally dislike painting. The Guard was a foolish army for me to choose, especially as I find it hard to finish projects! Still, I do like the tanks (more of which anon...).

Today's entry is all about my paint scheme. For the Guardsmen it's very simple, and you'll find it below, in order of painting:

  1. Undercoat: Chaos Black (spray);
  2. Base coat, and then the combats ("fatigues" for our cisatlantic cousins), weapons and webbing: Catachan Green (sometimes with an airbrush;
  3. Armour, helmet and greaves: Dark Angle Green;
  4. Blades, buckles, buttons, aquilas, barrels and sights: Boltgun Metal;
  5. Belt, boots, butt, muzzle, bayonet handles and pistol grips: Chaos Black;
  6. Flesh: Varies. Almost always just one flat colour though;
  7. Lasgun aquila (plus sergeants' fittings and rank flash): Burnished or Shining Gold;
  8. Then I touch-up any details, facial features etc. (I'm a messy painter);
  9. No shading; no inking; no highlighting; no drybrushing. I can't be bothered.
  10. Transfers/decals: ("24" on left shoulder; aquila on right; extras for sgts and medics);
  11. Spray Varnish: Purity Seal. I know it dulls the metals, and it sometimes goes on a bit thick, but it really protects the models well;
  12. Basing: PVA ("white") glue sticks small gravel on, I paint it thickly with Chaos Black, then drybrush Codex Grey onto the gravel. I then touch-ip the rim (and the boots!) with Chaos Black, put a 4mm coloured panel "flash" on the back (judged by the torso's facing), and use a 0.05mm black pen to write on the squad number.

And that's it. And it takes me bloody ages.

Officers are mostly the same, except in Desert Yellow combats/fatigues, and with a little more detail.

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