Thursday 15 May 2008

011 B Coy HQ Squad

[Update 21/07/10: If you're here to look at the Primaris Psyker, please note that currently I use my old Sanctioned Psyker model as a proxy. I may get the new model over the summer. Maybe...]

I'll post the fluff for the Cadian 24th soon - once the work pressures ease off a little, but in the meantime, here's the command squad for B Coy - one of the battalion's rifle coys. Please note the following:
1) The light blue belts denoting the 'elite' (if only!), veteran guardsmen allocated to the HQ squad - yes I know it's incongruous, but there's a fond reference in there somewhere;
2) The yellow field on the standard - no Brownie points if you're sad enough to get the reference. Note this also provides the colour of the flash on the bases (some of which are a bit untidy);
3) The plasma gunner may yet be moved elsewhere - there's just no need for his type of firepower in my Coy HQ squad, as their role is primarily to shout orders from the back, rather than to get stuck-in (old-school, baby!)
4) The crummy, early paint job on the models' faces. It doesn't help that - cretin as I am - I dislike painting metal miniatures. Hell, I dislike painting practically any miniature that doesn't come with tracks!

They have the bright yellow flash of their company standard - the 'B' designation is because they're the B Coy HQ unit. Unusually for me, I'm quite proud of the standard:
And here are their attached advisors - a commissar and a psyker. The commissar is essential - I'm less convinced about any necessity for the psyker. Cool model, though...

All these pictures are hyperlinked, but I don't think there's much of interest to be found...

I'll put the D Coy HQ Squad up soon, too: now they are well painted...but sadly, not by me.

- Drax.


  1. Blimey! I know this post is nigh on 4 and a half years old, but just browsing the sidebars and I was blown away by that standard! Very very nice; the whole squad looks lovely.

  2. Crumbs - thanks, Scipio!

    Funnily enough, Zzzzzz over at Devos IV has just posted me a plastic command squad box, so I've been planning to do a new one - the same colours but with details on the reverse and without the unbalanced weight of the metal one.

    Plus, of course, as much as I'm fond of my olde-worlde command squad, the tipping over, the gloss varnish and the crappy deathly skin tones are enough for me to hardly ever field them.
    [That and the newer codex means I never use voxes or medics any more!]

    I reckon I've learned an awful lot about painting since slapping the stuff on these guys.

    Cheers for looking at the sidebars, by the way - it's something we don't do enough with each others' blogs...

  3. [Oh, and the 'yellow' reference is to Shape's South Essex regiment, which had yellow facings.]

    "Taxi for one...?"


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