Wednesday 14 May 2008

010 Matters Arising I've put my Cadian LI standing OrBat army list up, what follows is a brief discussion of some points about it.

It is possible to get the entire list FOC legal with 2 detachments without upsetting the gameplay at all, but it's way less fluffy, and I'm trying to be more fluffy!

Yes, it's big. But then, it's an ideal. I'd dearly love to see it fielded in a game - yes they're going to get slaughtered wholesale (3000+ points of pure guard infantry?- please!) but they'd be great to see in amongst some good scenery. Any offers?

With the posted uber-OrBat, I'd use the following doctrines:
Light Infantry,
Iron Discipline,
Restricted Troops: Sanctioned Psykers;
Restricted Troops: Hvy Wpns Platoons and
Restricted Troops: Snipers.

I'm never really sure about the Sanctioned Psykers

Other doctrines I've played around with include veterans (a common choice), grenadiers and restricted troops: stormtroopers. Frankly, for this force at least, the most useful ones have to be LI and ID - both of which are great for the guard!

More anon...I'm knackered and it's time for bed. More photos soon...

- Drax.

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