Wednesday 7 May 2008

003 Introducing 1 Platoon.

[21/06/09 - Please note: 1 Pl has now been superceded by the new codex version 'tactical' platoon. Follow this link for more details.]

Okay...let's see how this works then. First, what I'm putting on this post is a series of pictures of B Coy's 1 Platoon. For reference (and by way of excusing myself) I'm not really in it for the painting. Heresy, I know - especially with an infantry-heavy Guard army, but that's my excuse for the lack of artful painting. Also, a lot of 1 Platoon (naturally!) were amongst the first to be painted, just when I'd got back into the hobby a few years ago, so that didn't help. You'll note a lot of the men have surprised expressions on rather blank faces...

...but please don't concentrate on that. What I really like is converting stuff, and I'll put up more of this anon - some of my vehicles and my veterans, for example. Nothing fancy, really, but most of it cleanly done at least.

Right then. This first one is the Pl HQ. This was the first officer I painted - the others don't have the frou-frou red trim. I like the grenade launcher on the right of the pic.
Below you'll find some hyperlinked detail shots of the medic - note the regimental numbering on the left shoulder pad. All the troops have these, which is fiddly, as I have to cut them from two separate transfers. Joy. There's an aquila on the right pad. Some models have other designs with the numbering - hence the medic's insignia.
Note the squad marking on the back of the base: all my lads have these, as the uniform makes them - the colour depends on the platoon, then 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 for each section respectively (with HQ being '0').
...And this is 1Pl 1 Section, armed with a plasma gun. The sergeant's modelled on a mate of mine.
So I'm mostly happy with how the photos went on, and now I even understand (mostly!) how to ensure the hyperlinks work - although until I'm more conversant with html it's only likely to be certain detail shots.

Anyway, here are the second, third and fourth ("remnant") sections of 1 Platoon. They're armed with melta gun, grenade launcher and a flamer respectively. Nothing really of note, except you may have noticed I really like grenade launchers. I find the assault 24" rule and their ability to punch through AV12 armour (on a roll of a 6!) really useful!

This next one is the whole platoon. I'm going to repeat this exercise soon with 2 Platoon, who are identically equipped (so it's a little self-indulgent), but a couple of the models are a little more interesting.
Lastly, this is my infantry transport case, with 10 guardsmen in each hole. There's an entire heavy weapon platoon in each of the holes at the bottom! This is part of the reason each of the lads has his base labelled and colour-coded - it makes identifying and sorting them far easier. Varnishing them helps, too!
Tune in next time for 2 Platoon - with less waffle - then it'll be time for my lovely, lovely vehicles. Yay!

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