Sunday 7 September 2008

040 Painting DPM Camouflage

Wow - who'd have thought it? - Drax giving a painting tutorial*!
We've established by now that painting is not my forté. Mostly I like modelling, and I've been sketching plans recently for a one-shot front-loading chimera conversion. But that's another story...

First, let me make two points clear:

Firstly, GW 'Eavy Metal tutorials on painting DPM point out QUITE RIGHTLY that if you do it to a life-like scale then it looks too busy and the detail is obscured. Fair point - especially with fatigues. But here's a thought: it can still look good on large-ish areas, like the backs of cloaks, hence its application to my snipers' cloaks.

Secondly, I do not pretend to be great at doing this. Not only am I an entry-level, quotidian painter (I use no washes, inks, layers, highlights, shading, blusher or mascara on my minis), but the pattern is not flawless. Personally, I have tremendous trouble paiting random patterns. Frankly, I think I'm a tiny bit autistic at times (but then, maybe a lot of men are!) but I like straight lines and clearly marked details to paint. Random squiggles are a horrible challenge for me! Anyway:

For those of you who wanted to know, here is the step-by-step to painting the temperate DPM as seen on my W-i-P veterans and snipers. We start with a Chaos Black undercoat, and then a basecoat of Dark Angels Green:
Next, squiggles of Bleached Bone, about 2-3mm long. I try to switch between splodges, C-shapes and Y-shapes:Next, repeat with Scorched Brown (I try to overlap each of the Bleached Bone squiggles as it keeps the overall pattern darker and greener:Finally, slightly less substantial squiggles of Chaos Black. This adds depth surprisingly well! Mind you, this probably wasn''t the best model to choose: it was my earliest attempt and it's scruffy. [NB: These are better, finished examples.] Oh well - you get the idea!
I made a note of this process on my home-made painting tray too, for my own reference:
I know this camo ain't perfect, but I reckon it works well enough. It doesn't help that since starting this DPM I've opted for urban basing...but then, when did any army get to choose its ground to suit its sartorial style, eh?

Well, I hope this was of some little interest to you...

- Drax.

PS: Anyone here off to Games Day UK?

* Tutorial, that is, in the loosest sense of the word!


  1. Nice job, it gets my vote. The scale works (regardless of size) and the overall effect is perfectly fine if you ask me.

    Well done, nice and simple without a whole lot of complex techniques and work.

  2. I've found the best way for me to paint a random line, is to try to paint a nice straight one...

    But, I agree with Ron, the camo works fine at this scale as you've painted it.

    Also, I love the reference painted right on your work tray! That is worth the price of admission on its own.

    Alas, no UK games day for me. Not this year anyway. Maybe one day I'll make a pilgrimage to the GW birthplace for a UK games day. Perhaps I could sell it to the girlfriend as a European Vacation.. where we just happen to spend a day or two at games day... yea probably not.

  3. I had come to a similar conclusion that the small realistic scale details would look too busy, but it appears I was wrong! These look awesome, Drax! Nicely done.

  4. Excellent job, I'm very jealous.

    I find that drinking helps my lines go wobbly.. or really relaxing my hand and letting the bristles do the work. Or thinking about other things....

    I just can't paint a straight line.

    Due to this I will not be going to Gamesday. I shall sulk instead.

  5. Thanks guys - as ever!

    @ SMIG: Glad you liked the reference list! I have another on the other side - I'll post it soon, maybe. And y'know, Airfare's really steep to cross the pond, but if you've never yet done so (geekiness aside!) it's worth it. No US friend of mine has ever yet been disappointed!

    @ Devilin: Yeah - Games Day's something of a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage for a bunch of us: old army mates of mine - funnily enough, one of them is getting married in Birmingham the following weekend too - so Drax has a lot of travelling ahead of him! Joy.

    - Drax.

  6. Ok so Drax you know that I do not understand much of this stuff... it is like "geek" to me... Ok so that was cheesy but come on... :)
    I can read your blogs though cause there are pics and I am way impressed with the camo... I say good job!!! Way to go!!

  7. Also! Am I to understand that you, Drax, are going to UK Games Day? Because if so, and if they have any Games Day only Forge World mini, and if it's something cool, I'd be your bestest friend for life if you grabbed me one. Hell, I'd even pay you for it and the shipping too!

    That, and if you are still interested in the 40K quotables on my blog, email me at Inner Geek. I can send you the script and you can modify it with more quotes, or quotes of your own chosing.

  8. What namely you're saying is a terrible mistake.


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