Monday 5 January 2009

075 Glad Tidings of Great Joy I Bring

(Or 'Frosty the Arilleryman - Redux')
[NB: Please see below for anti-frosting tips]

Good news! FIRSTLY, comrade Koloth has finished building his Wyvern after my design - and it's come up a treat! View this and his other models over at: or by clicking on his name, above. Koloth is, officially, an awesome person, and I'm jealous. I'll start back on mine again soon.
SECONDLY, great news! If you remember poor old Frosty the Aritlleryman, commander of my basilisk/griffon 'Ubique', then you'll remember that he got well and truly coated with 'frost' from a spray-varnishing incident. AFTER lots of friendly advice and hints from you lot, I fixed him. In the end, I figured, "Ah, sod it - I'll just strip it and start over," so I plunged Frosty himself into a tub of surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) and Lo! The frosting disappeared! Fearing that the remaining paint would just drip off anyway, I removed him and blew him dry - and he was fine!

The next day I painted surgical spirit onto the rest of the vehicle with a broad brush and that - likewise - was fine. All was a little tacky for a day or so afterwards, but it's absolutely great now. The only lasting and noticeable difference is that the transfers have had to be removed. Some peeled off when it frosted, but others I had to scrape off. They'll be replaced soon.

Pics below. 'Ubique' as she was:
Then as she was frosted:
And as she is now. Note the front panels on the port side, which I left frosted for comparison; also, this aquila transfer wouldn't come off:
Plus, of course, a cute picture of Cadfael on Christmas day:
FINALLY: Bad news about Ron, over at FromtheWarp: he's quitting the blogging. Thanks for all your efforts and help, mate, and good luck with stuff! NB: This is no longer the case - Hurrah!(Feb '09).

Here's a little song, just for fun:

Frosty The Artilleryman

Frosty the Artilleryman
Had a bright new grey jumpsuit
With an intercom and two shoulder pads
And a stormbolter to boot,

Frosty the Artilleryman
Was a sad old tale they say
‘Coz his new paint job, so crisp and clean
Got frosted one cold day.

It must have been the weather
Or I shook too little time
But when the varnish had dried out
He was covered in a whitened rime

Frosty was rescued
By a dip in surgical spirit
Now his tank is looking good as new
So he’s glad to be back in it.

Cheers, especially to Koloth,

- Drax.


  1. Congrats Drax on the awesome recovery. You bring great hope to us all with the horrible side effects of sealing mini's.

    When you say tacky, are we talking finger prints left on model tacky, painting coming off it you hold it to long, or just a slight sticky feeling that doesnt do any damage?

  2. Congrats on the success of the rescue mission. Now that monster can continue to blast foes in to nothingness in style

  3. Congrats on the save! This is good news indeed.

  4. Hi Drax et al,

    Anybody got any ideas on rules for the Wyvern ?

    Here's my shot....

    Armour as a Chimera. For most games counts as a Chimera, with a Heavy Bolter, and a pintle mount Heavy Stubber, and a HK missile. For Apocalypse, or against agreeable opponents, it has a twin linked (T/L) missile launcher, or 4T/L HK missiles, plus relavant upgrades, smoke, searchlight, etc.


  5. Thanks, All!

    @ Lach:
    A very, very slight tackiness that left after 24hrs and which didn't seem to do any harm at all. I noticed no loss of paint at all - not even a trace of pigment on the brush!

    @ Koloth:
    Nice idea - especially the 'counts as'. I've been working on my own, so I'll either pop them up with these comments or I'll post them. Probably the latter, actually!


    - Drax

  6. I'm jealous of your Griffon. That's one of the things I'm most excited about from the rumours that are floating about.

    Also, I like your Chimera mod. I might have to borrow from it for my Leman Russes, if/when I get to them.

  7. Thanks, Mate. I have another, too - I might try to get it finished this weekend: if I do, look out for pics!

    - D.


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