Sunday, 25 January 2009

082 Lascannon Squad Completed! Hooray!

August '09 - NB: Since the new Codex: Imperial Guard, my fire support platoons have been disbanded, and their constituent units re-allocated. In this case, these lascannon are now part of 2 'Tactical' Platoon.

Hullo again, mes petits choux-fleurs!

(NB: Col. Krieg, please accept my apologies!)

Good news: I've finished my first lascannon fire support squad - attached to B Coy HQ from D Coy (though I do have to tweak this fluff a little for logistical reasons I can't be bothered to go into. Actually, I think I'll have to re-number my fire support squads. Bugger.) - and that earns me another 12 Painting Points (see the running tally to the left).
Those of you who followed my frosting saga recently may be interested to note that despite (a) keeping the Purity Seal in my pockets for an hour (and shoving it under the dog's blanket as he dozed) for warmth, and (b) shaking it vigorously for five timed minutes, it still frosted a little. Luckily, the ol' magic surgical spirit worked its wonders.
I also finished and varnished the turret from Chimera 2, so that earns me another 2 Painting Points (because I say so). In the pipeline is one of my objective markers (being revamped) and now my Leman Russ armoured company and some more Armoured Fist squads. In addition to the wyvern.

I've a couple of army lists to post soon too, and I owe 73rd over at Unforgiven Angels an apology for not updating stuff from our battle before Christmas - I'll try to get to it this week, mate.

That is all.
- Drax.


  1. Great looking squad mate! A hardy looking bunch if I ever did see one

  2. Very good looking squad. I love the look of your guys. It's like WWII meets the 41st millenia.

  3. Good job Drax! Keep 'em coming! :)

  4. Nice find with the spirit, helped out lots of us with that.


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