Tuesday 20 January 2009

081 Mechanisation

Evening, all.

Just a quick post today. I might post a report of the weekend's last-minute surprise smackdowns against Mike the Merciless soon (when he sends pics), but until then, here are my light vehicles - those of the 1/24th Mech Inf and their accompanying support from the Cadian 144th Field Artillery. And my dog. The pics are slightly larger than normal, for your viewing pleasure:
I've just realised I forgot the sentinels. Oh well. Please note that the wyvern and one of the optional chimera turrets are not fully finished: sorry about that.

- Drax.


  1. Awesome, simply awesome Drax. Nice looking mech horde you have yourself there. And growing...

  2. Spih stole my line but he is right, that is pure awesomeness. Very good job!

    I do notice the lack of a Russ though? Is that because you are sticking to being Mech Infantry?

  3. Thanks, chaps!

    I have six Russes, painted up in olive and black camo, but I'm ashamed to say I've never posted anything about them. They're from the 4th Cadian Armoured Regt., and they're actually mostly painted. I'll do a post about them some day...

    In fact, thinking about it - that's 20 painting points per Leman Russ just sitting out in the shed.


    That "some day" could be here sooner than I thought. Now...if only heavy bolters still counted as 'defensive'...

    - Drax

  4. I am very impressed Drax, your armour units are looking awesome. To bad there is a big pond seperating us, I would love to see them in an apoc. game.

  5. Awesome army drax. I love tanks and I love seeing alot of tanks. Can't wait to see the russes.

  6. Simply wonderful! It must have taken you such a long time to assemble and paint all of them. Big kudos to you, not to mention the sheer number of "painting points".

  7. That is the first time I have seen them all together like that, and it's a very impressive sight indeed! Great stuff bud!

  8. Thanks!

    Alas and Alack: painting points apply only for those models finished in 2009, so of the lot in the photos, only the griffon and the wyvern are eligable...and I've already chalked up the points from the griffon!

    And yeah, there are a few reasons I wish I were Stateside - some of you lot look like pretty decent opponents!

    Maybe next time we visit the inlaws in Chicago? No - (a) I could never carry it all, and (b) My wife would never let me!

    Still - her folks are painfully close to Adepticon...

    - Drax.

  9. Very nice. Next week need to see those Russes, and after that, the Russes, light vehicles, and all your infantry in one mega picture! :)


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