Thursday 22 July 2010

213 B Coy, 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry 1500pts Army List

Hi, Drax-fans. Light Infantry time.

I said I'd post the 1500pt all-infantry list (AKA my infantry company), and here it is, followed by photos (some of which are slightly out of date):

Company Command Squad w. plasma gun and mortar and a Master of Ordnance as an advisor (100)

TP: 1 Pl
1 Pl Command Squad w. 3 grenade launchers (45)
1 Pl 1 Sect w. plasma gun (65)
1 Pl 2 Sect w. melta gun (60)
1 Pl 3 Sect w. grenade launcher (55)
1 Pl Hvy Wpn Squad B w. 3 missile launchers (90)
1 Pl Hvy Wpn Squad C w. 3 autocannon (75)
1 Pl Spec Wpn Squad w. 2 melta guns and a demo charge (75)
TP: 2Pl
2 Pl Command Squad w. 3 grenade launchers (45)
2 Pl 1 Sect w. plasma gun (65)
2 Pl 2 Sect w. melta gun (60)
2 Pl 3 Sect w. grenade launcher (55)
2 Pl Hvy Wpn Squad A w. 3 lascannon (105)
2 Pl Hvy Wpn Squad D w. 3 heavy bolters (75)
2 Pl Spec Wpn Squad w. 2 flamers and a gren lnchr (50)
TP: 3Pl
3 Pl Command Squad w. 3 grenade launchers (45)
3 Pl 1 Sect w. plasma gun (65)
3 Pl 2 Sect w. melta gun (60)
3 Pl 3 Sect w. grenade launcher (55)
3 Pl Mortar Sub A w. 3 mortars (60)
3 Pl Mortar Sub B w. 3 mortars (60)
3 Pl Spec Wpn Squad w. 2 gren lnchrs and a flamer (50)
TP: Veterans w. 3 grenade launchers (85).
Total: 1500pts.
Here's the whole of B Coy, 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry:
I've only ever fielded them en masse once - last week - and they did very well indeed: I was impressed! If they have a secret it's that they're relatively versatile, but utterly expendable. There's only one unit which costs over 100pts, and none of them cannot be done without.
Some stats:
177men; 4 officers;
111 lasguns and pistols;
31 special weapons;
19 heavy weapons;
1 ordnance weapon (M/Ord)
If you've never done so, try an all-infantry list some time: it's good for a giggle!

Thanks for your time,
- Drax.


  1. That is one hell of a Guard army you have there.

  2. Lot of little soldiers. How long does it take to move them all on the table? I bet shooting is fun though, that's a lot of dice to roll!

  3. Humm. It'd be quite hard to beat with any of my armies. Not a lot of point in facing B Coy with a fistfull of melta or las cannons. Even H Bolters are a bit overkill. Which means that I would choose the Bloodcoats to face them; The same sort of army. Now all we need are trenches...

  4. Awesome. Glad you've had a chance to play it, would love to see some batreps with the horde sometime!

  5. Hey Drax, as you know I'm a big fan of the Light Infantry ... The list above is deceptive. It's slow ... so objectives are a pain ... it's KP heavy ... so annihilation sucks.

    BUT ... its can pummel you with more low-grade firepower than a legion of mice with a tap-dancing fetish.

    Most importantly, anyone coming to kills mech will simply wilt ... as they went and bought a knife to a gunfight...

  6. Why bring a lascannon to a bayonet fight?!

  7. Thanks, chaps!

    @ Geek: Moving and shooting takes bloody ages - not least because I'm a slow player...but psychologically, the shooting phase is a nightmare for the enemy.

    @ Zzzzz: I like the idea of a war of attrition with these boys...

    @ sons: Great idea! Once I'm a little more established at the club, I'll see if I can set up a special fluffy scenario.

    @ suneokun: Yes, of course, you're right. I was very lucky with deployment and mission - both ideal in this case. Mind you, I didn't field them with the intention of winning; I just wanted an excuse to field them!

    Winning was just a nice little perk.

    And you'll be delighted to note that I now love mortar squads even more. Oh yes.

  8. That's a huge army in such a small-ish point format! I usually have no more than 50-60 models in my 1500 lists!

    Wish I had so many models to try that out once though, throwing buckets of dice when shooting lasguns must be a lot of fun.

  9. Looking at this, I kinda wanna build a guard army now.

  10. This makes me glad I didn't sell on my infantry. You have my dream army Drax!

    I've only done an inf coy once as well, ages ago and had to borrow lots from a friend. It was Guard Vs Guard and he took quite a few tanks. It was all going very well until he dropped off Straken in my lines and he decimated my ranks :(


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