Wednesday, 21 July 2010

212 Unique, Special, Upgrade and Independent Characters

Being a teacher has its perks: I'm now on summer holiday 'til September, so I plan to spend a fair bit of time on the hobby, where real life allows. As a part of this, I'm doing some blog-keeping (like housekeeping, but bloggier), so this is another post to allow me to re-sort and re-catalogue old posts. More for my administrative purposes than anything else, but a nice chance to revisit older models. Today: characters.

Please find links below (in Codex order):

The pic above is - of course - 'After the War', the regimental mascot of the 2/24th Cadian. Many of you older readers will recognise him, I know, but I'm thinking of committing him to a base and some rules at last, so all new suggestions gratefully received!


- Drax.


  1. You could take a look at Tau Drones and Gretchin stat lines for inspiration as to how to put some house rules to him.

    Or for fun you could make a little pack for him like a medical assistance dog and run him as a medic. I don't know much about IG or how good the medic is but it could fit with the flavor you seem to have at present. Just a few thoughts.

  2. I'd consider basing his price and abilites off of an Inquisitorial Henchman. You can write somehting fluffy as to why he has the equivalent ability.

    Alternativly, you could say that the men in the field can hear the dogs brave barking and know that their commander is still with them on the field. Once per game a unit anywhere on the board can use the commanders LD for a test... or something like that.

  3. Hmmm, have a look around the ol internet maybe, as there was an old WD article some years back on detailing pets for Imperial Guard commanders.

  4. Hasslefree do a model of her Britannic Majesty in rural huntswoman gear with a shotgun. I don't know why this model made me think of that. I can't help but think they might look good on a base together?

  5. I'd go with the inquistorial henchman idea. There are few useful ideas in there.

  6. I take it the rules for a Thunderwolf or a Juggernaut are out of the question? ;)

  7. Thanks, Chaps!

    The trouble is, since the new codex I play my platoon commanders as (heroically) expendable, so I'm loathe to spend more points on them!

    That said, I like the idea of drone/gretchin/henchmen rules - though I'm only familiar with the first of those...

    John, I looked but - alas - couln't find it;

    Soundwave: no chance!

  8. Run it as either marbo or a bodygards or advisor?

    Also the dog looks cool... Ay steal the cute critter idea for my regimental commander

  9. Thanks, Duce!

    Glad you liked it.


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