Monday, 19 July 2010

211 Master of Ordnance and Coy HQ Mortar


Allow me to introduce my rather ineffectual Master of Ordnance:

He is a model I started work on years ago, as an artillery observer ('staff officer') for the old 'High Command' WD Chapter Approved rules*, and although he's now absolutely cruddy in game terms, I finished him up t'other day in order to try his ruleset at the new Game Club. Not a great mini, but here's another shot for the sake of completeness

And here are the new mortar crew/runners/spare personnel for the Company command squad. They're kinda 'jacks of all trades':

I really like this picture, for some reason:


- Drax.

* Great rules, too: I've got a scan of them if anyone's interested. If so, let me know...


  1. Do ping them over, if you would be so kind.

  2. Ah, but even a cruddy playing mini can add a good bit of character to an army! And maybe he'll do a better job on the table next time?


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