Sunday, 11 July 2010

207 3 Platoon

Hi All,

This is the first in a occasional series of posts designed to re-catalogue my collection of posts, and to update a couple. This is now the go-to* post for 3 Platoon.
In this case, 3 Platoon is complete and has been for a while, but in honour of the fact that I might actually be playing a game this week (shock! horror!) and using them, I thought I'd start with them.

Hyperlinks for 3 Platoon:
HQ Section
1 Section
2 Section
3 Section
Mortar Sub A
Mortar Sub B
- Special Weapon Section (F)

...And I might take a piccie of their special weapon section when I get a chance.

Wish me luck in my game at my (gulp!) new gaming club - this is a massive step for me, for I am a real closet dork and this is the Drax equivalent of 'coming out'.


- Drax.

* I do - of course - realise that even the most faithful of my readers aren't too interested in dull stuff like this, but I find it useful if I need to refer to my own models whilst painting without digging them out of the shed!


  1. I just love a parade pic!

    Good luck with the new club matey, keep the standard flying for us guarders matey.

  2. Dull stuff?

    as a fellow "closet" geek, considering venturing to a local club I find this of great interest :)

    Also, who doesnt like a parade pic? seriously?

    Good luck :)

  3. Joining a gaming club! that's most intresting. I'm toying with the idea of finding a local club, have been for about 12 years now lol. So a first impressions and how it went differd/lived up to your exspectations post would be great. Nice family photo btw :)

  4. I'd like to hear about your gaming club experience too! I have a FLGS and a GW both not too far away, but I really like the idea of finding some like minded folks for gaming at home or homes. I hate to sound elitist, but there are just some folks out in the world I don't care to share my hobby time with!

  5. I refuse the acolade "closet geek". Mainly because I'm not allowed in a cupboard or wardrobe, being consigned as I am to the garage.

    Good luck with the new club thing. Hope you don't meet too many of your 'clients' in there.

  6. Good luck at your new found club!

    It's a shame that my forces have been hit by budget cuts, I only have my infantry left after I sell my 3x Chimeras and a Valk (anyone interested in those btw?).

    Anywho, let us know how the big fight goes. Clubs can be hit and miss, and we have both hits and misses in Portsmouth, so I'm interested to hear of your experience.

    And to echo other commenters - who doesn't love a good mug shot of an army?


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