Sunday, 5 June 2011

267 Assault Craft - Detailing Begins

Hi, All - and I hope many of you had fun at Blogwars today: very sorry I missed it.

For those of you following my current project (see label, below) I got some more work done last night. In an attempt to keep the detailing as straightforward (cheap and really frickin' easy) as possible, I'm trying to concieve some really simple, repeating motifs that can be whizzed out of the 1mm plasticard. So far it's all based around identically-sized rectangular hatches and (yet again) right angles.

Again, because I (and other modellers) find rivets a pain in the backside, I've opted out. Instead we have the Drax approach for a very similar effect: standard GW pin vise 1mm(?) holes! Here's the pics - no further notes as I have work to do, but I'd be delighted to answer any more questions (obviously, there's more work yet to do, and the pics are work-in-progress):

The inside of this hatch is actually straighter - this was just held briefly in place!




  1. Holes for rivets, that's pure genius mate. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

    It's coming together nicely mate, can't wait to see how it develops.

  2. Just thinking now, you could probably use it as a chimera...

  3. Looking great! Cant wait to see it finished!

  4. Nice work Drax - really liking the look of this build and so simple.

    The drill holes instead of rivets is a great idea.

    Looking forward to the finished product.

  5. I like what I'm seeing, especially those detail bits. Drill holes instead of rivets are a fantastic alternative! I'll have to try that on my next tank.

  6. The details are bringing it together nicely. With some paint it's going to look first class!

  7. Ach! Painting! I knew there'd be something that'd let me down!

    Thanks for the comments, all - the drilled rivets thing works a treat if they're well executed and decently painted. As for using it as a chimera? Yeah - as long as your opponent isn't too fussed about such things as weapon locations etc.

    I'm starting (slowly) to consider some possible rules, but that's a way away yet. The real idea is to give the community a simple and cheap bit of fun!

    What I WILL soon be needing is a suitably GrimDark name...

  8. Great looking stuff! Generally speaking, this would serve perfectly as a chimera counts as... they are already amphibious anyway!

    I am building up my own terrain, and hopefully I will be able to recreate some of your techniques.

  9. I've been enjoying watching it come together - it's very in keeping with the other vehicles, but unique enough to stand out as well.

    Where'd you get the extra tracks from? All my vehicles have had exactly the right amount of track, so I never have any to spare. Do IG just come with more treads?


  10. Whilst not too GrimDark, the name Argos comes to mind. Though instead of seeking a golden fleece, you're avoiding a good fleecing by building your own tank!

  11. >Oink: glad to be of some help, mate.

    >FarDreamer: Cheers! All the old chimera and Russ kits came with loads of spare tracks, so I have tons of it, as do most older IG gamers. It's doubtless dirt cheap on ebay too. It's easy to enclose the top of the track units though...

    >Geek: Great idea and rationale, but sadly not. 'Argos' in the UK is a cheap and nasty weird department store where everything's out in a warehouse and nothing on display. Apparently (according to wife) the nearest US equivalent was the (now defunct) Montgomery Ward. Now, she reckons K-Mart (for classiness, at least).

  12. Still cannot comment on most bogs, so...

    >Oink: That's some very ambitious plan you've got going on over on your new blog - good luck with it, and

    >Wyatt: Congratulations on getting hitched, mate! All the very best of wishes to you and your wife!

  13. Looking better and better.

    BlogWars was a fantastic event, and there are plans for another later this year or early next year, you should definitely try and get along to it if you can as it really was a lot of fun. It'd be very good to meet you in person after all this time of following your blog.

  14. Thats why I call it "overambitious"... I'm a stickler for accuracy and detail, which is why it takes me forever to do anything and often why I leave things on teh wayside (having not been able to achieve what my ideas want me to!)

    I would do good to follow your keen example and fine detail work!


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