Monday, 13 June 2011

270 Assault Craft Construction Complete!

Hi, All!

I've completed the construction of the assault craft - the pics are below. Remember that the aim of this project is to keep the concept and execution as simple, cheap and straightforward as possible: even the new twiddly bits are pretty basic. Sorry for the quality of the pics, but you get the idea:

C&C appreciated as aye,

- Drax.


  1. Looks great Drax! You going to make enough to transport your entire army? :)
    Do you have a name for it? I think the "Drax-class Amphibious Tractor" sounds pretty good.

  2. So this is fantastic, given the chimera's amphibeous rules perhaps you could find a way to stick on a multilazer and H.bolter to counts as? Now I've got to work out a reason to make some myself for my desert themed army... hmm...

  3. Nice one Drax. Great effort for a cheap and easy scratch build.

    Love the little details - particularly the jerry cans.

    The one thing missing is some detail on the front ramp - Maybe another Aquila or some other design or some more paneling like you have on the side to break up the front plate.

  4. Looks great, do you plan on adding more rivets/releasing a template for this?

  5. Looks amazing my friend! Very realistic design and the added details fits perfectly. I cant wait to see some paint on that bad boy. You could easy use it in games for sure!

  6. i like it. my only suggestion would be to put a 'lip' around the top edge of the troop compartment. currently, it just doesn't quite look complete somehow.

    i would use a small scale plasticard girder or t-section, or if you don't have those, then just a thin strip cut from the edge of a normal sheet.

    please don't take the above as a criticism, as it really does look great. i just think it needs a few extra touches :)

  7. oh damn, and i forgot to say, perhaps some track guards, for when the door inevitably jams and the guys have to jump over the sides ;)

  8. Looks great! I have to agree with Atreides that a few rivets here and there and C-channel about the lip would add just enought texture to really 'sell' the model.

  9. Fantastic work there mate.

    As a possible addition, what about embedding magnets into the pistons above the ramp, you could then do without the pins in the side to hold the ramp closed.

    Really can't wait to see it all painted up and ready to go

  10. I'll agree with Pom above. The first thing I thought was, 'that would really be nice with a huge aquila on the front of the ramp'.

    Looks smashing as is though. The details are really making it look awesome. Paint soon?

  11. Thanks, All!

    > Darkwing: Sweet - very 'utilitarian'. Oddly, I'm feeling myself more inclined towards the Inner Geek's 'Argos'...

    > Crosser: I won't be doing that myself, but it's easily done (put the cabin on the starboard side, and you can use the sentinel multilaser).

    > Pom: There is almost an aquila plan for the ramp: I'm just trying to work it out, because cutting it out is WAY too fiddly, the transfers are too small(!) and the freehand's a real pain in the jacksie. Watch this space...

    > Naravus: Welcome! no more rivets, but YES - I'm working on free templates even now.

    > Ras: Cheers - if only I were better at painting!

    > Atreides and Hudson: I tried out a 'lip' and some other similar details, but it looked too 'forced', and was inconvenient for getting the models in and out. I may try again...

    As for track guards, they'd look cooler and they would be practical too. But most people don't have them spare, and I had real trouble making them; especially to fit over the angles. Again, they just looked cheap and forced.

    > Andy - bG: Thanks, and that's a BRILLIANT idea, mate! I considered the same, but again, I wanted this to be a really really basic STC for beginners and cheapskates.

    > Geek: See above. And yes, paint soon, I hope...aquila to follow...

  12. A couple of thoughts for an "easy" aquila. If you have access to some heavy-ish cardstock, print out a black and white one. Enlarge to fit then cut out and paste on. The papery nature of it can be lessened by coating it with a layer of slightly watered down plain white glue to seal it. I used to use the aquila symbol on the backs of old 2nd edition wargear cards in this way. You can see an example in this article. You'll have to scroll down a bit.

  13. Use the big aqilia from the transfer sheet ?

  14. Looks damn good, Drax...I love all the bit placements...looks like the sucker just came off the forge-world assembly line and is ready for a paint job and a beach to breach!

    One suggestion is to break up the flooring with some straight lines (like in the bottom of a rhino). Just 3 strips along the bottom to break up the texture. My worry is that when you paint it, it'll just be a straight flat panel and will look flat compared to the rest of the model, especially after you empty the vehicle. With a few raised lines, you have something to highlight inside as well as out. It's a quibble though as I think the lander looks great.

    An Aquilla in the front would be awesome if you can manage it! Or more rivets! Imperial engineers are all about MORE RIVETS! A painted insignia and unit id number works just as well too!

  15. Thanks again, Fanny!

    > Geek, that's a great idea for the aquila: I'll look into it - thanks.

    > Zzzzz: It's way too small mate. I'm considering alternatives though...

    > Cawshis: Cheers, mate! I've actually ordered some 'treadplate' textured plasticard for the bottom and the ramp, for exactly that purpose. Thanks for pointing it out though - I should've mentioned it before.

    As for rivets? There are currently no plans for any more rivets. I tried more rivets and/or rivetted panels - especially on the 'cabin', but they just didn't work quite right, so again, I'm keeping it simple.


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