Tuesday, 21 June 2011

273 Assault Craft Homemade Aquila

Well now.

I've been too tired to paint this week, but your justifiable clamour for an aquila on the front of my assault craft's ramp (or prow) is something I could do. Cutting out the 'proper' aquila is really tricky, and near impossible to get symmetrical , so as with the rest of this project, it's designed to:

  1. be relatively easy to do (this almost exclusively follows straight, geometric lines)

  2. require minimal tools (ruler, pencil, knife)

  3. keep material cost to a minimum (it's from what would otherwise have been wasted plasicard). Here it is:

If you're wondering about the streamline moderne look, its inspiration lies in the actual WH40K logo itself. Different pics below, including sketches, next to my trusty 'Irwin' knife (with which I do all of my cutting(!) - it takes Stanley blades)...

- Drax.


  1. That's actually really neat!

  2. Looks fantastic! Gives the prow just what it needs in the way of detail.

  3. nice work on that! simple and yet very effective.

  4. Love it and really gives to the whole!

  5. Nice one Drax - gives you something to look at from the front - makes that popping sound everyone goes on about.

    What colour scheme were you thinking?

    I reckon a nice granite grey stone effect look would do well on the front - nothing too bright and flashy.

  6. Thanks very much, guys.

    Pom, you know colour's not really a 'strength' of mine, but I'm inclined to agree - I was thinking of a grey colour...

  7. Aaaah, the mighty Irwin range of cutting implements (just keep them away from stingrays!).

    Looks fantastic, I really like that look for the aquilla, and it fits really well into the whole look of the craft.


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