Friday, 10 June 2011

268 Oh, Alright Then - A Hinged Assault Ramp It Is...

So I caved.

Having worked out how I'd do it (simply and cheaply) I couldn't resist attacking the assualt ramp of my vehicle and making it lower.

Dead easy: all you need for this stage is the trusty 1mm pin vise bit, a bit of sparky tape (electrical tape - I like its faint elasticity), clippers and a paperclip. The pics tell the rest of the story, and there've been more deatils added since then too:


- Drax.


  1. Pretty slick engineering there, Drax! While not a necessity, it certainly adds something to the build.

  2. Great effort Drax - nice and practical

  3. A tracked Higgins boat, awesome!

    Question though, how well will the electrical tape hold paint as a (thin) portion of it will flex when the ramp drops?

  4. Very nice! I'm really liking how this is coming together - keep up the great work!

  5. Cheers, Guys!

    > Masta Cheef: I suspect the opposite, in fact. It's everso slightly in tension when the ramp is pinned up; partially to help its rigidity, and partially to help brace against the pins. It also gives a nice 'sproingy' effect when the ramp opens.

    Of course, frequent use could dmage the 'hinge', and likewise it will probably stretch with the constant tension, but (a) I'm not going to be using it much, (b) it's simple and tidy to replace if needed and (c) I don't much care!

    WOnder if I can finish the beast tonight...?


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