Thursday, 16 June 2011

271 Grim-Dark Peacekeeping? (Progress Shots)

Hi All,
Just to keep you updated, here are four pics. The first is at my wife's suggestion upon seeing the project in its white form, and the others are in order to prove that (a) I am painting it (yes, basecoats of Dark Angels Green always look rubbish under a flash!) and (b) having received the textured plasticard, I've done the treadplates in the bottom. There are a couple of bitz in the last pic too:

- Drax.


  1. It's looking great. Color me jealous!

  2. Nice work Drax! With the addition of a little paint the whole project just went from 'Cool!' to 'Awesome!' The treadplate really makes it pop - Inspiring stuff, as always.

  3. Fantastic work Admiral! ONce again, another eye-catching piece for your army. May I, ever-so-humbly ask; would you mind if I nabbed your design and make one for myself? full credit will be given, of course!

  4. Thanks, chaps.

    Harris: I fully intend to publish templates - within a week or two if possible. Free design, dead simple to make (maybe an hour-or-two if you pre-cut the pieces) and it's only cost be about £2.00 in materials (plus the simplest bitz possible).

    Tools required?

    knife, rule, pencil, pinvise, glue.

    Glad you like it.

    PS: I'm finally settling on an aquila for the prow...

  5. I do like that model. Very imaginative.

  6. Can't agree more with the other lads mate - good effort. And the tread plate definately adds that something extra.

  7. YES! I was hoping you got around to painting it in the near future mate!!!

  8. Looks great! The tread plate really sells it.

  9. I've been so busy I missed the entire process of creation of this thing..

    Awesome work, Admiral!


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