Monday, 29 August 2011

284 Heavy Weapons Squads Re-Based

Evening, and I hope my readers on the US Eastern Seaboard are okay...

Well now - here's a post that 'does exactly what it says on the tin', just for completion's sake. I've spent a surprising mount of time this Summer re-basing my heavy wespons teams to bring them into line with the newer rules. Mostly these are on 60mm plywood bases I bought cheap on eBay, as I can't afford any more GW ones! It's a quick late-night snap just before Mrs. Drax asks me to tidy up, so excuse the lack of pic quality [the shinier models are the older, glossed ones]:

Along the back row are my three mortar squads, and in front of them are two autocannon squads and a missile squad. These comprise the heavy support for each of my platoons, and in front of these are my heavy bolter and lascannon squads which I hardly ever use).

Keep well, and if you like brilliant IG tank conversions, do please check out Oink's Overambitious Terrain Project(s) - 'coz his really are fantastic!

- Drax.


  1. Good stuff Drax! That's a whole lotta heavy weapons, and they turned out very well. Who says Orks are the only ones interested in "Mo' Dakka"? :)

  2. I didn't bother to rebase my 2nd-ed. heavy weps (or, by and large, to replace my sergeants with lasguns). It at least makes it easier to remove casualties.

  3. My heavy weapons are also still on their individual bases... whilst wound counting is easy, it does cause some issues when it comes to blast weapon placement. I think I will have to makeshift some sort of combo-base in the future.

    Also thanks for the plug, and finally, thanks for the painting chart, I'm working on it at the minute and its looking very daunting!

  4. Also, because of your chart, I found a whole extra platoon I forgot I had! Curses!

  5. Cheers, folks!

    > Jennifer: Oink beat me to it. All my opponents have been fine with the separate basing, it can be quite a pain with blasts and templates.

    > Oink: Glad to be of service, matey! (sorry).

    By the way, the bases I used are still on sale on ebay: ...if that helps. They're actually really good: they take up less storage and I reckon they're more subtle, aesthetically.

  6. Looks good, would love to play against you with my all infantry guard too! would take a hole day just to move them all around!

    Who needs(or can afford) tanks anyway ;)

    Keep up the good work,


  7. You can never have too many tanks!

  8. nice work...

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