Sunday, 11 October 2009

160 More Tournament Photos


Here are a few more pics from the 'Calneage' tournament a fortnight ago - courtesy of my doubles ally, Mike the Merciless - he's planning to knock together a battle report too, so watch this space. We came 5th out of 14 teams in the end, so we were very pleased with that! Thanks again to all those who ran and attended it for making it a great day!

Sadly, no pics so far from games 1 and 4, but in game 2, Mike's marines thrust forward on the left flank...
...whilst on the right, my chimeras discover the true meaning of 'dangerous terrain':
The caprice of deployment gave us a solid win in this game, but I loved the Guard/Guard army we were up against: a mixed bunch, but very characterful, and great camo on the vehicles too:
Game 3

This was an interesting one - we were up against an ork army with min/maxed nob bikers...playing for kill points! Oh well - it was actually quite cinematic in the end. Here's the ork horde charging toward us on our left flank... the nobz (on giant squig 'bikes') turbo-boosted to our right flank, which was undefended...until the cavalry arrived:
The nobz charge...
And knacker two of the vehicles, taking many of their passengers with them:
Meanwhile, Mike's librarian charges into the ork lines...
...whilst my (newly disembarked) Platoon Commander heroically surveys the fight from atop the bunker (posing)...
...desperately trying not to think about the hordes barrelling in behind him and his sole surviving grenadier!
After some awesome flaming, my lovely veterans charge in to help out the marines:
And the last nobz are cut to bloody pieces:
Leaving our brave boys (led by the vets) to take the fight back to the orks with fire, sword and cold, hard bayonet:
We lost on Kill Points (quelle surprise), but what joy to face-off against such a horde!

Cheers, all;

- Drax.


  1. Hah- love the squig bikes! Sounds like a fun tourney so far sir.

  2. Sounds like you had a cracking time mate. Are you planning to do anymore?

  3. Yes it was, yes I did, and yes - I think I will go in for more...wife, baby and travel permitting.

  4. Those squig bikes, Max, were indeed great models, and that team won the 'best army' prize...but in honesty I was far less impressed with the quality of their rank-and-file boyz.

  5. Heya,

    You bought my Tau off me on Ebay a few months ago, and finally getting around to commenting :D

    How far out are you and your mate planning to travel for a tournament?

    My club have run a few (and we're planning one for the new year). They've been pretty poor affairs though and two of us are trying to make a more "official" looking one.

    I've got my first one outside of my club this Saturday (Escalation 09). Scary stuff!

  6. Thanks, Soundwave, and welcome!

    I've a baby due in about three weeks, so I'm afraid travelling's out - although I will be heading back to Pompey to visit my dad over Christmas, but if you're a student I guess that's when you're gone...

    As for my tourney ally, Mike - he's in Milton Keynes (not South Devon like me) so he's unlikely to travel that far either. Damnit.

    The Tau are great, but I'm absolutely no further along with them, sadly!

  7. SH*T Drax, has time passed that quickly?

    Good luck with the baby, hope you've got the bag packed mate.

  8. I won't lie. I first clicked on my blogroll thinking you had gone nuts and posted one hundred and sixty pictures from a tournament. I'm actually rather relieved that there weren't that many, though I do like the pics you posted!

  9. You see! You're missing out on Rough Riders there! One squad of 7 could'have scored at least 3.75 wounds on those orks, held them up at 12 inches and given your boys the time to rapid fire the buggers to death...

    You know it makes sense!

    Good luck with the baby fella ... jitters'll be hitting soon! 3 weeks eh? That means you'll get a month off in November and you practically don't work December's do you! It's like you planned it?!?

    Congrats to you and the missus.

    PS: Welcome to the Aun'Va brethen. Time to load up the pulse rifles and shoot some Guardsmen.

    As a long time proponent of both (well over a year) guard v tau battles are very exciting ... and well balanced!

  10. Fantastic pics Drax, it really looks like you had a great time!

    Best of luck with the new little'un on the way as well! Good stuff mate!

  11. Well congratulations on the kid for 3 weeks time :)

    I've actually lived in the Portsmouth area since I started at secondary school. I'm currently living in the Havant area (made the big leap and moved in with my girlfriend!).

    At the moment I have a Plaguemarine army, but thinking of selling them after Escalation. I've got the Guard bug again, and they're actually the first army I started on my return to 40k 3 years ago. I'll return to Papa Nurgle when they do the Legions codex though.

  12. The squigbikes look awesome! Sad to hear the rank-and-file didn't live up to that example =/


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