Saturday 17 October 2009

163 Lascannon Sentinel Finished At Last!

Here you go, then: it's a while since I got anything painted!

Actually, I might touch up a couple of bits - like some DA Green around the edges of the transfer - but she's pretty much finished...the first of my A/P lascannon sentinels, Hope:
For more details of Hope's history, see the post for her sister sentinel, Faith, here.
It ain't flawless, but I'm very pleased with how my ability to paint freehand nose-art is progressing (especially compared to that on Faith, which was my first ever freehand attempt):
Two other angles:
If you look very very carefully, you may even be able to spot some traces of her old black-on-olive disruption camouflage. I often like to keep certain of these such details to retain a bit of history in my models.

Thank The Emporer - at last some progress on painting. Woo-hoo!

More very soon,


- Drax.


  1. Great work on the nose art!

  2. Ooh, excellent work. Very clean paintjob and the freehand nose art is really well done. I like the base you put it on too.

  3. Nice work! I thought the nose art was a decal too at first glance so it must be pretty good.

  4. I am very impressed ny the nose art. I just cannot paint freestyle like that. Well done.

  5. Love the nose art - very clean and crisp, fantastic work! I too thought it was a decal at first until I zoomed in, nicely done!

  6. Thanks, Chaps!

    Your kind comments are always very much appreciated.

  7. Excellent freehand mate, love shark teeth on models.

  8. Lookin' good.

    What do you find yourself using the most for a good all around weapon on your sentinels?

  9. Good question. I actually only use the sentinels very rarely. A flanking lascannon shot can be great against tanks, especially if you're close enough to assault the rear AV too...

    ...but it's very expensive for a BS3 shot. I'm actually thinking of giving my last one a flamer.

    Generally, as a distraction, I'd say that the multilaser's a good sturdy infantry support weapon.

  10. very nice paint job on the nose art. I ve not played a lot, but an armored sentinel with a multi is good to block flank attacks (I play against stealers when I do). The squadron may finally be destroyed, but this save my other troups from flank attacks.

  11. For some reason I get the phrase "snicker-snack" when I look at those teeth... like they're fanciful and fairy-tale curvy, but have a decidedly dark edge to them. Well done sir.

    Totally agree with M. Privat on this one. Good ol' Stompy Jr. the AS has stalled many a genestealer onslaught and has immobilized quite a few tanks in his day with his trusty, "I always roll 4s" multilaser. And it's just hilarious to see a Chaos Sorceror madly try to stick a meltabomb to an Armored sentinel and fail time and time again... and when they do hit they roll a 2 for damage.

  12. Great job Drax on those sentinels! The free hand looks great and I like how you did the bases.

  13. Thoes heavy weapons look ace, I love the Cityfight terrain on them!

    But I thought you weren't that keen on their stats? Any chance we'll be seeing them in a game any time soon?


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