Sunday 18 October 2009

164 Veteran Heavy Weapons Finished

Hello, Everyone.

For some obscure reason, Blogspot is not giving me my normal option to change this font to Ariel. Still, I'm sure no-one else cares.

At long last I've finished my hardened veterans' heavy bolter/autocannon team! What follows is how it looks now, with both weapons:
And here's... how it used to look:

This base took me bloody ages to get right, but at least it means that I'm very nearly done with all my veterans. Yay!

I've also started on another couple of bits, and I'll be asking some painting advice soon too...


- Drax.


  1. Absolutely awesome Drax! Love the base, and I really like how you can swap out the heavy weapons. Your painting is getting tighter and better with every model - keep up the great work, my man!

  2. Quality work as usual mate. I'm somewhat jealous know. Will have to get myself some city ruins pieces to add to my future heavy weapons bases. Keep up the good work.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  3. Looking good mate, it's a great improvement on your previous version.

  4. Well done man, I love nice heavy weapon team bases - and this is top notch.

  5. the base looks great but the balance of terrain, base size and models worked out awesome!
    Good stuff!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  6. Always love your use of CoD terrain in your bases- good work sir.

  7. They definitely look better now than before. Excellent work on the base as well as the minis!

  8. I love those bases. They're so nice.

  9. Gotta agree with everyone here Drax, those are some sweet models!

  10. You are making me want an IG army, sir.

  11. I like the use of cities of death terrain, I still have a bunch from Games Day that I have yet to use... you give me great ideas!

  12. solid work Drax!

    It always impresses me when modelers update old minis.

  13. Good work, Admiral! Excellent use of the city ruins to create atmosphere.

  14. Wow!

    Many, many thanks to you all for the compliments, chaps - it suddenly struck me yesterday that actually my painting does seem to be improving.

    Given that I have absolutely zero real-life local hobby contact, and the only real-life support I get is from my (patiently disinterested) wife, it must be down to the support I get from you lovely people.

    So thanks...again.


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