Wednesday, 28 October 2009

167 Trying Freehand Details

Well hello!

I've almost finished my next batch of Guardsmen (3Pl, 2Section - with a meltagunner generously donated by Col. Corbane) and because (a) I'm starting to run low on transfers and (b) I have to cut out tiny, fiddly digits to make the regimental number, I decided to try it free hand.
After a slightly shaky start, I'm actually quite pleased with the majority of them:
Yes that's right - the two with proper bases are actual transfers. Sorry for the quality of the light - I didn't want to wait 'til tomorrow.

I'll also be doing the aquilas on the right shoulders, as that worked out well with the last squad:
Thanks for your support in my painting exploits so far, gang: it's always really appreciated!

- Drax.


  1. Very nice mate, working with white as well deserves much kudos.

    I've got plenty of those transfer sheets if you need them, although looking at your work, I doubt you will.

    Good luck with the aquillas.

  2. I have never been any good at freehand. To do as good a job as yours takes artistic skill.

  3. They look great, keep up the excellent work!

  4. Impressive freehand mate, like corbane said, it's not easy to work with white, but they came out excellent! Hope your hand stays steady for the aquilas!

  5. That's some damn fine looking freehand there. I've always thought numbers were the hardest and it appears you nailed. Great job.

  6. Awesome looking free hand. I've been trying to improve mine but that is just great!!! Oh yea. Thanks for commenting on my blog ;) My friend really did appreciate that tutorial!

  7. Very nice! I've always preferred freehand over transfers anyway - if they're not applied properly, it just looks like your models have stickers on them. Between that and trying to get one on a space marine shoulderpad without it crumpling, I just gave up on the idea...

  8. Thanks, All,

    and Itkovian, you're right. Marines (being the newbies' army of choice) really ought to be the esiest, but I had tremendous trouble when I had a Black Templars army: I had to cut in on the diagonal of each cross and overlap the branches of it.

  9. Hehe, yeah, I just waited for them to come out with (properly sized) moulded shoulderpads... Than got looked at weirdly when I put them on both sides instead of having the upgrade pack stretch to 20 men...

  10. They look prefectly fine to me. Keep at it and next thing you know, you'll be freehanding complete banners for them.

  11. I found numbers to be a great way to start freehanding. They're pretty simple shapes and most people have a ton of practice making them with pens and pencils anyway.

    I actually didn't realize two of them were transfers on my first look, so good work there!

  12. Awesome. Congrats on taking the freehand plunge! Vant wait to see what you paint up next.


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